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Company Description

Via News is a world news publication reporting on breaking news, business news, interviews.
We’re looking for freelance reporters and correspondents.

Freelance Reporter and Correspondents.

Job Description

Via News agency is looking for freelance journalists and correspondents (of all countries).
We’re accepting text, photo, video and audio content. We’re looking for original, fact-based (no opinions), relevant, and engaging content to be published on Via News.

You’ll be part of the Via News team to relentlessly cover the stories that matter to the world.

You should have excellent English writing skills and a genuine will to provide confirmed facts.

Pivotal Role Accountabilities

• Write factual content

• Self-review of content, for quality, style, and presentation

• Name your sources, provide documentation or its links.

• Push content out on social media.


• We’re looking for Journalism students, junior reporters, and experienced journalist who believe in the need to provide verified facts to the people and are willing to grow along with the project. Excellence will not be forgotten.

• Some online experience is preferable, though not mandatory if the reporter is able to deliver professional looking work.

• Knowledge of news content and audience needs.

• Writing and editing skills.

• Able to spot a trendy factual story.

• A good network of relevant industry contacts (optional).

• Knowledge of effective online content distribution methods, including content sharing on social networks (optional).

• Collaborative team player (in the context of freelance work).

• Enthusiastic self-starter.

• Able to use own fields of expertise for the greater good.

How to Apply

When applying for this role, send an email with the following:

1. What you will report about. Send a very short summary (theme and main topics).

2. Your nationality and current city.

3. If applicable, provide links to some of your published work.

4. If you want to be one of our correspondents, send us an email stating that. We’re especially interested in the news the international media hasn’t pick up yet, or information delivered with a fresh perspective.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to, and will not get discriminated against based on, race, gender, veteran status, disability or other.

Payment Information

Via News pays a fee for every news content published. Payments are made through PayPal, after the report is published.

Fee for Freelancer Work

We’re accepting freelance work in text, photo, audio, and video. We prefer journalists with already published work. Nonetheless, we’ll accept work from less known journalists if the quality meets our criteria of readability, style, presentation, and originality.

The minimum fee for freelance written news reports is 5€. Photo, audio, and video can be sent unedited, all editing work can be done by Via News.

Freelance work that is exclusive, such as an interview or work of exceptional quality could get paid up to 50€.

Payment is done once the work is published on Via News Agency. Journalist name and photo are mandatory.

Thank you.

Send application or the content to be published to:
Please include “Application” or “Publish” in the subject line.