NAIROBI, Kenya (ViaNews) – Miguna Miguna, the highly vocal aide to Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga is expected to return to Kenya on Monday at a time when the country’s political clout has taken an unexpected turn.

Miguna, who orchestrated Odinga’s swearing-in ceremony as the ‘people’s president’ in February, was inexplicably deported to Canada by the Kenyan government after he adjudged to have violated provisions of section 33(1) and 43(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011.
His path to return to Kenya was paved on February 15, 2018, when a High Court ruling delivered by Judge Luka Kimaru termed his deportation as illegal. Kimaru also ordered Director of Immigration Gordon Kihalangwa to release Miguna’s passport which was revoked.

The Interior Ministry argued that Miguna lost his citizenship when he got Canadian passport in 1988. Miguna on the other hand had time and again stated that the truest form of citizenship of a country was by birth. He was born and bred in Kenya before successfully seeking asylum in Canada in the late 80’s.

From the time of his deportation to date, there has been a major shift in the political landscape in Kenya. Odinga, who has led one half of Kenya’s largest political following National Super Alliance (NASA) on March 9, 2018, signed a peace pact with President Uhuru Kenyatta.
This deal was inspired by the two powerful leaders’ quest to unite Kenyans and put interests of the nation above their own.

Odinga’s decision attracted mixed reactions from various quarters with a section of NASA co-principals branding him a traitor to their cause. This move has rattled the core of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), a movement that was spearheaded by Odinga to keep the government on its toes while championing for fresh elections this year.

Pending his arrival on Monday, Miguna sought the support of German legislators who appealed to the government to guarantee his safety. In a letter addressed to Kenya’s Ambassador to Germany, Joseph Magut, Dr Gregor Gysi, a member of the German parliament vouched for Miguna’s case to take precedence.
“Recently I had a conversation with the opposition politician of your country, Dr Miguna Miguna. He was induced to leave his country on February 6, 2018. He is now determined to return to Kenya on March 27, 2018, whose state citizen he is.”
“He and his friends are worried that his safety in Kenya could not be guaranteed. That is why I ask you in this letter to do everything possible to ensure that it is treated in accordance with human rights,” the letter states.

It remains to be seen what message Miguna will deliver on his arrival. He was a close ally of Mr.Odinga and did not hold back in expressing his displeasure at the current regime which he has labelled ‘illegitimately elected’. In recent interviews with international media organisations, he has indicated that he will continue to pursue the agenda of opposing the government.
Also on a tightrope is the future of both NASA and NRM given that their leadership has been at the crossroads following Odinga’s move to make peace with his main political rival.


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