The advent of AI Coaching

Coaching is an important aspect of our daily lives as it helps in offering guidance and support to individuals. Coaches can engage clients online through video calls in micro-learning sessions and gamification which is effective and offers clients adequate content.

Artificial Intelligence coaching works the same way as a traditional coach will have because kit can help with information and guidance that you are seeking and setting clear and convincing targets. It can also help one in the development of action plans and offer support in taking action as well as holding one accountable. AI coaching may appear like a futuristic thing but the reality is it is here as the AI technology continues to mature it seems like everything be possible.

Growing application of AI coaching

With the smartphone industry growing fast mobile apps are growing becoming a tool to solve virtually everything and there is at least a mobile app for everything. AI tools such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant among others are already transforming human lives by giving directions, responding to message, scheduling appointments and accomplishing of tasks. The AI technology is fast gaining traction in mainstream workplaces and most organizations are adopting AI bots that offer assistance to their employees.

AI is infiltrating the workplace and according to Accenture’s 2018 Future Workforce report around 72% of the company, executives believe that AI can be important in market differentiation with its impact likely to increase by 2022. Despite the report not indicating that there will be direct AI coaching for employees around 62% of people feel like Ai is expected to have a great impact on their work as a result of daily interaction with AI bots. AI coaching has proved to be vital especially for companies whose employees work remotely. The AI tools have been important for such companies in complementing face-to-face coaching experiences.

AI therapy in social development

AI coaching is becoming increasingly useful in therapy and with growing social media trends there is a need to develop therapy apps for phones. The apps can help one overcome anxiety and deal with depression as well as help one build their lifestyle. For instance, Sosh is an app developed for people with Asperger’s Syndrome and it helps such people to enhance their social skills to enable them to blend with other people. The physical exercises the app offers can help individuals in managing behavior patterns thus helping them to connect with others.

AI coaching in health and well being

Virtual coaches are becoming increasingly important in health and nutrition. According to a study carried out by the Centre for Connected Health individuals who embraced virtual coaches tended to lose significant weight compared to those seeking to cut weight without assistance. AI coaching is becoming instrumental in health and wellness as it helps individuals keep track of workout sessions. Although AI coaching is still in its early stages it can be vital in improving the lifestyle and wellbeing of people.

AI coaching in Leadership

In leadership AI coaching is equally being embraced and is being used to implement various habits through approaches such as morning priming where you determine daily objectives. For instance, has been instrumental in the process of implementing the approaches with a chatbot that prepares the individual for the day’s activities by identifying priorities and offering guidance for working on the main commitment. This combined with an evening reflection regarding the day will help on in visualizing the progress they are taking and get tips on what to improve on.


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