Attilio Lafontant Di Niscia

Journalist contact: Master of Science (M.S.), Social Studies of Science, Technology & Innovation | Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas

Venezuelan tourism sign. Photo by: Osman Fernandez.

Is Venezuelan Government Concealing Information to Hide Crisis in Tourism Sector?

CARACAS Venezuela (ViaNews) – It is well known that Venezuela has enjoyed times when high rates of tourists entering the country were public and notable. However, in recent decades foreign tourism has decreased dramatically, to the point that the data and indicators do not represent a significant figure in the annual economic reports. Taking into…

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Constituent Assembly members. Photo by: AVN.

On current Legitimacy and Transparency of Venezuelan National Election Council

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) – The National Electoral Council (CNE), a branch of the Venezuelan government to oversee and guarantee the transparency of elections and referendums is on international news, allegedly for not doing its job. Apparently, there is a growing deep politicization of public elections in Venezuela over the recent years. Remarkably, since 2016, the…

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People in line voting for the Venezuela Referendum.

Venezuelan Opposition Urgently Needs to Reorganize

Caracas, Venezuela (ViaNews) – After the October 15 election to choose the country’s 23 state governors, the Venezuelan government has repositioned its dominance in the vast majority of the country’s governorates. This victory of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) has generated a negative balance in the national opposition, led mainly by the coalition of parties…

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