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João (Johnny) Cartucho, Covidian team member and a Ph.D. researcher in augmented reality with Airbus (Photo credit: Covidian)

Virus Tracker App Claims to Help Stall the Spread of COVID-19

A group of volunteers in Ireland, Slovakia, Portugal, and Brazil have joined hands with medical experts to create a “user privacy-respecting” application to help stem the tide of the coronavirus. The team behind the free app—which is called “Covidian” and was first launched in Slovakia—says it has helped the country’s Health Ministry flatten the curve…

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Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Investment in Startups Should Be Governments’ Priority: Doppio’s CEO

Governments around the world should understand that now is the time to act and offer solid financial support to startups as they can have a positive, lasting impact on the economy, says a Lisbon-based entrepreneur. “Big companies get big because they get really good at doing the same thing over and over again. And then…

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Jeferson Valadares, co-founder and CEO at Doppio Games (Photo credit: Doppio Games)

Investment in Gaming Industry Is a Safe Bet Now

Since the roll-out of coronavirus-related restrictions, gaming has provided a welcome distraction for people at home looking for social interaction and entertainment. That is why the global video game industry continues to see huge growth in playing time and sales despite the widespread economic disruption triggered by the pandemic. The impressive jump can also be…

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Elena Jin, TAIGER's marketing manager for Latin America and Europe (Photo credit: TAIGER)

COVID-19: A Pivotal Moment for Future of AI

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the need for artificial intelligence solutions as the technology can help businesses run more nimbly and reliably, says a marketing manager at TAIGER, one of Asia’s fastest-growing AI companies. “Big companies are realizing that AI technologies can make them more flexible to adapt better to changes like the ones brought…

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