Evan McCaffrey

ViaNews correspondent for Spain. Journalist contact: evanmccffrey@vianews.info

Campaign posters for Citizens–Party of the Citizenry, a center-right Spanish political party that originated in Catalonia. Photo by: Evan McCaffrey.

The 2017 Catalonia Election, in Photos

BARCELONA, Spain (ViaNews) – Today, voters of Catalonia headed to the polls to choose which party will lead the region of Catalonia. 2017/12/22 The anti-independence Party Ciudadanos, received the most votes of any party, which was expected. The pro-Independence parties combined (Junts per Catalunya, Esquerre Republicana de Catalunya, and Canditatura d’Unitat Popular) made up 70%…

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Girl with Catalonia flag. Pro-Catalan Independence demonstrators organize before regional elections. "Vote to be free" is written on the tree. Photo by: Evan McCaffrey.

Catalonia Divided as Historic Election Begins: How are Voters Choosing to Cast Their Ballots

BARCELONA, Spain (ViaNews) – This Thursday the 21st, citizens of Catalonia will head to the polls to elect which party will lead the region of Catalonia. The election follows a tumultuous few months in which the Catalonia Government declared themselves independent from Spain. This resulted in a crackdown on the region’s government by Spain. Leading…

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Police perimeter in "Las Ramblas", Barcelona. Photo by: Evan McCaffrey.

Barcelona Terror Attack

Live Updates 2017-07-18 04:02 GMT A second vehicle attack to the one in Barcelona took place in the coastal town of Cambrils, south of Barcelona. A car hit pedestrians near the port area. Some pedestrians and a police officer were injured. The attackers exited the car and were shot by police as they attempted to…

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