Jasna Leginj

Journalist at the Radio Television Of Vojvodina with a Bachelor's degree in journalism, media studies and communication from the University of Philosophy, Novi Sad. Journalist contact: jasna-leginj@vianewsagency.com

E-75 in Serbia. Photo by: Petar Milošević.

Drivers Don’t Know how to Behave in a Roundabout, Said the Serbian Director of the Traffic Safety Committee

BELGRADE, Serbia (ViaNews) – According to the daily newspaper, Blic, driving through the fast lane on the highway can cost the driver 5.000 Serbian dinar, which is about 1/4 of the country’s monthly minimum wage. Also, traf, and drivers are surprised this rule even existed. The Director of The Traffic Safety Committee, Damir Okanovic, suggests…

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