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ViaNews Correspondent for Serbia - I have been working as an editor, journalist, writer and columnist in many print magazines, web sites and other publications. Journalist contact:

Serbia Pills

Losing Weight Supplements Allegedly Filled With Antidepressants

Belgrade, Serbia (VIAnews) – The Laboratory for Instrumental Analysis at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade recently discovered a horrible truth about an allegedly 100% natural losing weight product. Instead of plant extracts from bamboo and Job’s-tears, the “Slim Line“ pills contain pure fluoxetine chloride, commonly known by its trade name, Prozac. The scientists isolated…

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Rally for hunger striking editor-in-chief of the Vranjske newspaper.

Hospitalized Serbian Journalists get Unequal Treatment From Government

Serbian journalist Vukasin Obradovic, owner and editor-in-chief of “Vranjske” weekly newspaper, started a hunger strike on Monday, after he was forced to shut down his newspaper. “Vranjske” is a prominent weekly in Southern Serbia, famous for its investigative work on criminals and corruption. Ten years ago, the newspaper discovered a pedophile chain within the Serbian…

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