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Protest against the AfD in the Bundestag. The sign reads "Stand up against racism". Photo by: Martin Heinlein.

New Left-Wing Politics in Germany

BERLIN (ViaNews) – After the phenomenal success of Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche-movement in France, follows the German “Aufstehen” movement – headed by politicians of the far-left seeking to change left-wing politics in Germany. “Aufstehen”, which translates to “rising up” seeks to unify the political left-of-center forces in Germany in a novel way to oppose the…

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Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the Labour-Party general election

Labour’s Position on Brexit

LONDON (ViaNews) – Negotiations concerning the future political and economic relationship between the UK and the EU have been the focus of news reporting in recent weeks, as negotiations over Brexit are currently underway. The Labour party had backed the Remain campaign and has recently strengthened its parliamentary position in the 2017 election, which entails…

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