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2017/08/20 – 21:06
The Brexit effect on holidaymakers this summer

2017/08/19 – 16:19
Argentina: Controversy Over the Strange Disappearance of activist Santiago Maldonado

2017/08/18 – 18:10
Las Ramblas Streets Were Packed Full of People Honoring the Lives Lost in Barcelona’s Terror

2017/08/18 – 06:14
German woes and British hopes for Brexit: The coverage of Brexit in the British and German newspapers

2017/08/18 – 03:14
Barcelona Terror Attack: A second similar vehicle attack to the one in Barcelona took place in the coastal town of Cambrils, 70 miles south of Barcelona. A car hit pedestrians near the port area. Some pedestrians and a police officer were injured. The attackers exited the car and were shot by police as they attempted to leave the scene.
Four suspects have been killed and one arrested in a shootout in Cambrils. The terrorists were reported to have explosives strapped around their waists.
A second attack was stopped by Spanish police in the town of Cambrils near Barcelona. Four terrorist were killed and were wearing suicide vests. It is believed they were attempting a second van attack.

2017/08/17 – 21:02
Barcelona Terror Attack: One of the attackers is Driss Oukabir. A 27 yr old Spanish national. His passport was found in the vehicle and it was registered to him. 2 people are believed to be arrested and 2 others missing still.

2017/08/17 – 20:45
Barcelona Terror Attack: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

2017/08/17 – 20:16
Barcelona Terror Attack: According to “El Periódico”, one of the attackers was arrested, but another is still missing.

2017/08/17 – 18:21
Barcelona Terror Attack (Live updates)

2017/08/16 – 09:11
Trump and his White Nationalist Dilemma

2017/08/15 – 11:35
Rural, Sleepy and at the Heart of the Opioid Epidemic; Life in Wayne County, PA

2017/08/13 – 09:45
Wave of uncertainty as President Kenyatta wins heated Kenyan elections

2017/08/12 – 19:25
Business Slow After Elections in Kenya

2017/08/12 – 03:30
Trump Warns North Korean Leader ‘Will Truly Regret It’ If He Messes With The United States

2017/08/11 – 23:55
Natural or intentional: what’s causing the French Wildfires?

2017/08/11 – 22:33
Prime Minister of Pakistan Ousted From Office Based on
Corruption Charges.

2017/08/10 – 19:03
Trump’s North Korean Challenge.

2017/08/10 – 12:03
Cairo University Professor Allegedly Caught on Audio,
Sexually Harassing a Girl.

2017/08/08 – 12:03
Mass Tourism in Barcelona Faces Backlash from Local Vandals.

2017/08/08 – 19:53
Fireball at Ohio State Fair Becomes Deadly

2017/08/07 – 12:03
Egypt-Ethiopia Dam Conflict.

2017/08/06 – 09:35
McCain’s Dramatic Vote Kills ‘Repeal and Replace’.

2017/07/30 – 06:03
Kenya set for ‘Super’ Elections as it Records Highest Number of Candidates.

2017/07/05 – 03:03
“Does Banking have a Future?” Brett King, CEO of Moven, explains.

2017/06/19 – 14:03
“We want companies to grow, expand and be successful in Asia, via Hong Kong.” says Mr. Thorsten Terweiden, InvestHK fintech deputy head – Money Conf

2017/06/11 – 19:23
MoneyConf, Web Summit sister conference, moves to Dublin.

2017/06/07 – 15:04
Phone fraud criminals may be using information found on social media profiles to answer your security questions.

2017/06/04 – 10:34
IMF chart illustrates how the European Union is crucial to UK’s finance industry.

2017/05/24 – 00:03
Portugal back to good fiscal shape, says EU

2017/05/22 – 01:02
Manchester police confirmed fatalities after an explosion at Ariana Grande concert in U.K.

2017/05/10 – 23:33
Portugal: New Legislation to Regulate Airbnb and Booking Properties

2017/04/24 – 02:30
FRENCH PRESIDENCY 2017 – European leaders stand united behind centrist candidate Macron.

2017/02/12 – 19:18
GERMANY: German officials say the 68 people who have been treated by emergency services at Hamburg airport after being exposed to an unknown toxin was not a terrorist incident.

2017/02/12 – 18:38
LISBON BUSINESS ANGELS CLUB: Isabel Neves, the president of the Lisbon Business Angels Club and Shark Tank Portugal investor said the growing participation of women in business isn’t “really a phenomenon of our days because it has been happening over the last 20 years.”

2017/02/11 – 17:08
NORTH KOREA MISSILE: North Korea has fired a ballistic missile off its east coast towards the sea of japan which has been condemned by Japonese prime minister Shinzo Abe as “absolutely intolerable”. President Donald Trump has said the U.S. is “Behind Japan 100%” following north korea’s first missile launch since he took office.

2017/01/24 – 10:28
LISBON BUSINESS ANGELS CLUB: Business Mentor Sergio Gonçalves said: “It’s better to do it, rather than aim for perfect” when asked about an advice to young entrepreneurs.

2016/12/08 – 09:33
LISBON WEB SUMMIT: James Cooper, Adweek Editorial Director, said: “It’s a very intense time in the media space, things are moving incredibly quickly”.

2016/12/02 – 22:15
LISBON BUSINESS ANGELS CLUB: Miguel Henriques, FNABA President said the Business Angels from his federation: “look for global entrepreneurs”.

2016/11/14 – 18:18
LISBON WEB SUMMIT: David Steinberg, Zeta Global CEO said: “Trump now has to be considered one of the greatest marketing geniuses in history”.

2016/11/10 – 20:10
LISBON WEB SUMMIT: “This year’s conference with a record of 42% of women attendees”, said Paddy Cosgrave in the Web Summit last press conference.

2016/11/10 – 14:33
LISBON WEB SUMMIT: More than 53,000 attend conference.

2016/11/09 – 18:12
WIKILEAKS: Julien Assange Releases a Statement saying Wikileaks is not trying to influence U.S. elections.

2016/10/25 – 00:55
PAKISTAN ATTACK: Officials say at least 33 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded in an attack on a police training academy in the southwestern city of Quetta.

2016/10/18 – 04:01
UK: According to RT NEWS, the UK bank servicing RT has given notice to close the broadcaster’s accounts. “They closed our accounts in Britain”, said RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan.

2016/10/14 – 03:33
UN: Portugal’s António Guterres elected UN secretary-general.

2016/10/13 – 23:56
DONALD TRUMP ON GROPING ALLEGATIONS: “never happened” and “absolutely false”.

2016/10/13 – 22:24
DONALD TUSK: “Hard BREXIT or no BREXIT at all”.

2016/10/10 – 20:54
GERMAN POLICE: captured 22 year-old Syrian suspect may have ISIS links.

2016/10/10 – 05:12
GERMAN POLICE: say they have captured 22 year-old Syrian refugee Jaber Albakar who is suspected of plotting a bombing in the Eastern city of Chemnitz.

2016/10/06 – 08:29
UN: Former Portuguese PM and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, set to become the next United Nations Secretary-General.

2016/10/05 – 12:35
UK BREXIT: The pound has dropped against the dollar to its lower level since 1985 following prime minister Theresa May’s announcement that the UK’s formal process to leave the EU will be triggered by the end of march 2017.

2016/09/30 – 09:12
LANDING.JOBS CO-FOUNDER PEDRO OLIVEIRA INTERVIEW: “If you compare Lisbon today to 6 years ago, it’s an astronomical difference. I mean, there are so many more startups. Just the whole ecosystem like incubators, accelerators and the government as well.”

2016/07/19 – 17:35
UK: Angela Eagle has withdrawn from the contest for the Labour Leadership and says she his supporting Owen Smith.

2016/07/18 – 12:37
USA: The Republican National Convention is under way in Cleveland in Ohio

2016/07/17 – 21:49
UK: Scotland Yard says a 19-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping after a car with two children inside was stolen in Enfield in North London on 2 July

2016/07/14 – 03:21
UK: New Prime Minister Theresa May has told European leaders she is committed to delivering the will of the British people and forge a “bold new positive role” for the UK outside the EU.

2016/07/13 – 13:22
FRANCE: French Government says President Francois Hollande will hold a BREXIT summit gathering with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi by late August.

2016/07/13 – 12:09
UK: New PM Theresa May has said she is engaged to addressing the EU referendum decision and has ordered civil servants to start hunting for a building to house the BREXIT department to negotiate the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

2016/07/12 – 23:54
UK: New PM Theresa May is expected to start appointing her new cabinet later. Her spokesman says she has always believed there should be more woman in prominent government positions.

2016/07/12 – 01:33
UK: David Cameron says he will offer his resignation to the Queen on Wednesday.

2016/07/11 – 18:21
UK: Theresa May to become Britain’s next prime minister after Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the race.

2016/07/11 – 01:11
House of Representatives election
Coalition 76
Labor 69
Independent 2
The Greens 1
(Source: Australian Electoral Commission)

2016/07/11 – 00:01
EURO2016: Portugal beat hosts France 1-0 after extra time to win the cup.

2016/07/10 – 21:38
EGYPTIAN FOREIGN MINISTER: rare visit to Israel offering help to revive peace talks with the Palestinians.

2016/07/10 – 08:33
UK: Andrea Leadsom denies telling the Times newspaper that she has the edge over Theresa May and should be next prime minister because she has children.

2016/07/10 – 08:04
LABOUR LEADERSHIP: Angela Eagle said she will announce a bid for the labour party leadership.

2016/07/10 – 08:01
DALLAS POLICE: Authorities said they received an anonymous threat against officers.

2016/07/10 – 07:40
NATO: Stoltenberg calls on Russia to cease its “political, military and financial support for separatists” in Ukraine.

2016/07/09 – 23:52
Syria: Helicopter shot down by Islamic State fighters near Palmyra killing two Russian military pilots, Russian Defense Minister says.

2016/07/08 – 19:58
UK: David Cameron has lifted the ban on female soldiers serving in close-combat functions in the frontline.

2016/07/08 – 19:41
U.S. POLICE OFFICERS KILLED: Dallas Police chief says one of the suspects was disconcerted about recent police shootings and wanted to attack police officers.

2016/07/08 – 19:35
U.S. POLICE OFFICERS KILLED: President Obama has described the shootings in Dallas as “a vicious calculated and despicable attack on our law enforcement.”

2016/07/08 – 19:23
U.S. POLICE OFFICERS KILLED: Three of the five victims are 43-year-old officer Brent Thompson, officer Patrick Zamarripa, and former officer Michael Krol.

2016/07/08 – 18:53
U.S. POLICE OFFICERS KILLED: Police have detained three suspects and have identified one additional suspect as 25-year-old Micah Johnson who was killed in an explosion when a bomb was detonated by police after negotiations broke down.

2016/07/08 – 18:45
U.S. POLICE OFFICERS KILLED: Seven police officers and two other people were injured in the attack.

2016/07/08 – 18:42
U.S. POLICE OFFICERS KILLED: Five police officers have been shot dead by at least one sniper in Dallas, Texas, during protests against fatal police shootings in the U.S.

2016/07/08 – 08:42
US: Police says four suspects are in custody. One of the attackers had previously told police officers there are “bombs all over downtown Dallas.”

2016/07/08 – 08:23
US: At least two snippers fired on 11 police officers killing five in central Dallas during protests.

2016/07/07 – 23:36
UK: Conservative Leadership round two: Theresa May won 199 votes, Andrea Leadsom 84, and Mĩchael Gove has been eliminated from the final round with 46 votes. Britain will be led by a woman prime minister.
Theresa May said in her speech: “I’m delighted to have won so much support from my colleagues. I won votes from conservative MPs from across the party, left and right, leavers and remainers, MP’s from the length and breadth of the country. This vote shows that the conservative party can come together and under my leadership, it will.”

2016/07/07 – 22:59
Euro2016: Hosts France will play Portugal in the final after beating Germany 2-0 in their semi-final.

2016/07/07 – 14:15
US: Officials in the city of Falcon Heights said the police officer who shot dead a black man in Minnesota has been placed on administrative leave without pay.

2016/07/07 – 00:47
UK CONSERVATIVE PARTY LEADERSHIP RACE: MP Nick Boles apologises for sending messages in support of Theresa May. According to the Telegraph, the text message said: “I respect the fact that you want Theresa May to be PM <...> And if she does I will sleep easily at night.” <...> “in the party’s interest and the national interest surely we must work together to stop AL.” [Andrea Leadsom]?
Chairman of Gove2016 campaign, Nick Boles, tweeted today: “I have apologized to @Gove2016 for the message I sent. He did not know about it let alone authorize it. And it does not reflect his views.”

2016/07/06 – 23:16
US: Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said she has decided no charges will be brought in the Hillary Clinton email case.

2016/07/06 – 22:07
EURO2016: Portugal 2-0 Wales. Portugal secure a place in the final.

2016/07/06 – 03:52
UK’s FIRST BALLOT CONSERVATIVE MPs: Theresa May won 165 votes, Andrea Leadsom won 66 and Michael Gove was third on 48 votes.

2016/07/06 – 00:03
EGYPTAIR MS804: France’s BEA aircraft accident agency repaired the flight deck recorder. Recordings reveal an attempt to put out a fire on board the plane before it crashed into the Mediterranean.

2016/07/05 – 05:05
NASA: Juno space probe successfully enters Jupiter’s orbit after a five-year voyage from Earth. Juno will study the planet while on orbit.

2016/07/04 – 23:15
UK: YOUGOV poll suggests Theresa May would win by 63% to 31% if it came to a final round-off between her and Andrea Leadsom.

2016/07/04 – 23:10
Saudi Arabia: Suicide bomber detonated a device near Prophet’s Mosque in the city of Medina.

2016/07/04 – 19:38
World Health Organization (WHO): Publishes document to guide breastfeeding practices in the context of Zika Virus. //

2016/07/04 – 18:28
UK: Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader and says he has “nothing more left to do.”

2016/07/04 – 17:28
Baghdad: Islamic State claims responsibility for the car bombing. Death Toll Rises to over 140 people.

2016/07/04 – 06:03
UK: Finance minister, George Osborne, plans to cut corporation tax to less than 15 percent. Told Financial Times he wants to offset the BREXIT shock to investors and lead trade visit to China.

2016/07/04 – 05:52
Elie Wiesel, Auschwitz survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner, dies at 87.

2016/07/04 – 05:05
Saudi Arabia: A suicide bomber blew himself up in a car near the US consulate of city of Jeddah. July 4 is the day when Americans celebrate their independence.

2016/07/04 – 04:22
“terrorist plots targeting Kuwait foiled, plotters arrested” reports the Kuwait News agency (KUNA)

2016/07/02 – 18:11
Deutsche Bank CEO: Bank will not need a capital increase. (Interview with the German magazine, Spiegel, following S&P downgrade.)

2016/07/02 – 16:35
UK: Thousands march through London to protest against Brexit vote.

2016/07/02 – 14:55
UK: Comedian and BAFTA-winning writer and actress Caroline Aherne dies. Star was known for her work in “The Royle Family.”

2016/07/01 – 19:47
Standard & Poor: Following Brexit vote, EU’s long-term credit rating downgraded to AA from AA+.

2016/07/01 – 12:45
Michael Gove: The UK needs a Brexit prime minister.

2016/07/01 – 05:12
Rome’s Colosseum gets million euro makeover.

2016/07/01 – 03:27
EU war on plastic: Last year Portugal heavily taxed plastic bags, now France bans them.

2016/06/30 – 23:21
Deutsche Bank: Shares hit 30-year low after failing the Fed’s stress test and IMF rebuke.

2016/06/30 – 22:58
UN: approves deal for Italy and Netherlands to share Council seat.

2016/06/30 – 22:52
USA: Pentagon ends transgender military ban.

2016/06/30 – 21:12
Istanbul: Ban Ki-moon signs the book of condolences at the Turkish Mission to the UN.

2016/06/30 – 17:52
Afghanistan: Taliban attack on police cadets near Kabul kills 30 and wounds up to 50, officials say.

2016/06/30 – 09:55
Turkey attack: Tree suspected suicide bombers were from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, a Turkish official said.

2016/06/30 – 05:12
UK: After campaigning to leave the EU, Boris Johnson rules himself out of Tory leadership race.

2016/06/29 – 21:12
EgyptAir black box: Smoke on board confirmed. Audio data being recovered in France’s BEA labs. //

2016/06/29 – 19:02
Ban Ki Moon arrives in Havana to attend the signing of a final peace deal between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP guerrilla.

2016/06/29 – 18:43
Barack Obama: “The vibrancy of our economies is enhanced by the addition of new striving elements.” (referring to refugees)

2016/06/29 – 12:33
Nicolas Sarkozy: “These barbarians seed terror, violence, and go against everything we believe.”
(referring to the Istanbul attack)

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