Automated Guided Vehicle. Image by: Wolfgang Klein.

Increased Automation of Production is Fueling Demand for Automated Guided Vehicles

A report by the Office of National Statistics of the United Kingdom predicted that close 1.5 million Brits could lose jobs to automation. According to the report, improved functionality of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) could enable them to work as waiters, bar staff, and even shelf fillers. Although such news might paint a bleak picture of what…

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Solar panel in the Amareleja Photovoltaic Solar Plant, Portugal. Photo by: Vitor Oliveira.

Renewable Energy Holds Huge Potential to Replace Fossil Fuels. Here Is a Breakdown of the Industry.

The year 2019 has experienced vicious wildfires in California, Australia, and many parts of the world. In California, experts warn that there is a threat of more fires going forward due to warming climate. On the other hand, the wildfires in Queensland and New South Wales in Australia have been blamed on an abnormally long drought season. Interestingly,…

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