Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

COVID-19 Forcing Petrochemical Leaders to Rethink Industry’s Future

Petrochemical industry leaders and financial investors need to update their strategic agendas and focus on recovery scenarios, regionalized supply chains, and capital productivity. That is, if they want to minimize the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry, according to McKinsey & Company. In a recent analysis, the global consulting firm wrote that slowing…

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Solar panel in the Amareleja Photovoltaic Solar Plant, Portugal. Photo by: Vitor Oliveira.

Renewable Energy Holds Huge Potential to Replace Fossil Fuels. Here Is a Breakdown of the Industry.

The year 2019 has experienced vicious wildfires in California, Australia, and many parts of the world. In California, experts warn that there is a threat of more fires going forward due to warming climate. On the other hand, the wildfires in Queensland and New South Wales in Australia have been blamed on an abnormally long drought season. Interestingly,…

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Zárate–Brazo Largo bridge and power lines crossing the Paraná River between the cities of Zárate, Buenos Aires Province, and Brazo Largo in Argentina. Photo by: Darcacha.

Argentina: Power Grid Becomes Digital With First 5000 Smart Meters Installed in Buenos Aires

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (ViaNews) – Smart meters are devices that measure the energy consumption digitally. The digital energy technology is well known in Europe and giving its first steps in Argentina. The Enel Group, through its Argentinian subsidiary, Edesur, has launched its most ambitious plan to date in the country. The pilot plan consists in having…

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