Friday, December 6, 2019
Loma Blanca IV Wind Farm. Photo by: Federico Lopez.
Montevideo, Uruguay (ViaNews) - From December 4th to 7th, the “Energy Week” took place in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It´s an event organized by the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), the Government of Argentina through the Ministry of Energy and Mining, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The distinguished Convention Center of the Alvear Icon Hotel serves as home...
Uruguay: Self-sustainable school.
Montevideo, Uruguay (VIAnews) – What if someone had already figured out a way of building completely self-sufficient houses? Apparently, someone already did. Michael Reynolds is a 72-year-old architect who grew up in Kentucky, USA. He has written several books on sustainable housing, founded the world-class Sustainable Buildings company "Earthship Biotecture", and is the drafter of New Mexico Sustainable Testing Sites. According...
Ethiopia Renaissance dam
CAIRO, Egypt (Vianews) - The Nile River is the beating heart of all the nations it flows through. It starts in Burundi and finally passes through Egypt to end in the Mediterranean Sea running a total distance of 6,853 km making it the second longest river in the world. Countries have used the river for agriculture, generating electricity, and...


Solar panel in Jeda Villa in Bali, Indonesia. Photo by: Selamat Made.

Is The Solar Power Industry Breakthrough Close?

Sheikh Zaki Yamani, a former oil minister for Saudi Arabia, once observed that the end of the oil age was near. Close to two...


Jean-Francois Gagné, CEO at Element AI, an artificial intelligence software company. Photo by: Via News.

How Can AI Help Your Business

We met with Jean-François Gagné, the CEO at Element AI, a global AI software provider that aims to solve real-world problems. Jean-François...

Future of Work


Small business trends.

Emerging Trends Disrupting Small Businesses in 2019

Small businesses are rapidly growing because of technology which has enabled several marketing options. Technology is changing how small businesses operate, leading to the advent of new trends in the marketplace.

Take a Selfie and Open a Bank Account in El Salvador

Banco Agrícola, a leading bank in El Salvador, recently launched "Cuenta Fácil", the first 100% digital product that allows the complete opening of a bank account through their App Banca Móvil.
WIki Loves Women Event Women In Social Services- Promoting SDG in Nigeria. Photo by Kaizenify.

Social Networks are Transforming the Way Nigerians do Business

LAGOS, Nigeria (ViaNews) - Nigerians have gone full-on in what using social networks for business is about. Most businesses, entrepreneurs, and salesperson in the country are now using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, and YouTube to...
From left to right: Rafael Campillo and Ramón from the Mobbeel team. Photo by: ViaNews.

Web Summit: Spanish Company helps your business cut costs with its multibiometric technology

LISBON (VIANews) - Right at the heart of the Web Summit, we met with Mobbeel, a company who develops cutting-edge multibiometric authentication, digital onboarding, and biometric signature solutions for digital environments. "The Cybersecurity industry is...
Paço Alfandega Shopping in Recife, Brazil. Photo by: Paulo Camelo.

Brazil is embracing the Blockchain Technology

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (ViaNews) - The colossal South American country, featuring a population of more than 210 million inhabitants, is having businesses of all kinds (from restaurants to more recently a real estate construction and...

Artificial Intelligence

Jean-Francois Gagné, CEO at Element AI, an artificial intelligence software company. Photo by: Via News.

How Can AI Help Your Business

We met with Jean-François Gagné, the CEO at Element AI, a global AI software provider that aims to solve real-world problems. Jean-François Gagné has made a name for itself in the field...
A Cruise Automation Chevrolet Bolt, third generation, seen in San Francisco. Photo by: Dilu,

Will AI Live Up To The Hype? A Look at Current Trend and Future...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer stuff for the movies but a reality that is unfolding. The technology is slowly permeating human life through driverless cars, the use of algorithms to accomplish...
Manufacturing equipment. Image by: Mixabest.

How The Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Disrupting The Manufacturing Industry

In the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has been one of the technologies that are growing fast and disrupting almost every sector. Implementation of AI is very vital in defining future growth...
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, library building. Photo by. Huandy618.

China Could Surpass The US In AI Transformation In The Next Decade

China which is the most populous nation in the world has set its sight on becoming the world’s leading economy. The Southeast Asia country is equally keen on becoming a leader in...
Singapore FinTech Festival. Photo by: Sadmnmn,

Five Ways Artificial Intelligence is Instigating Paradigm Shift In Online Lending Space

A great proportion of the world population comprises of millennial and Gen-Z who are spearheading the shift in trends. One of the emerging trends in the Digital Lending marketplace where with just...
Elon Musk at TED 2017. Photo by: Steve Jurvetson.

Jack Ma And Elon Musk Differ On Artificial Intelligence Impact; Agree On Population Collapse

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference, in Shenzhen China, was the epicenter, where two brilliant minds battle it out on what is at stake with artificial intelligence revolution. Jack Ma, the tech billionaire...