Groundbreaking Green Cement presented at the Web Summit!

Omid Asgari, a Venture Builder, shares thoughts with us at the Web Summmit, their green solution to air pollution, the next generation of cement, use of green technology, the features of that cement, how it contributes to the sustainability, cement being the biggest poison, advantages of using their technology, increase of well being, technology readiness…

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Navigating Recession with the Power of Sharing Economy!

Benita Matofska, Author of Generation Share talks to us about the need for environmental and social value, her book, food waste and homelessness by targetted by entrepreneurs, skill sharing through different businesses, key reasons of coming to Lisbon, stories of change, finding a publisher for her book and what positive change will her book bring…

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McDonald's at Cilandak Mall, Cilandak KKO. Photo by: Nur Cholis

Anti-Plastic Straw Movement Trending In Indonesia, What’s Next?

JAKARTA, Indonesia (ViaNews) – Plastic straws are used everywhere, mostly in restaurants. Just imagine how many millions of straws are polluting the environment. People have, however, started reducing the use of plastic straws. According to data from Divers’ Clean Action, Indonesians use 93 million plastic straws every day, and if they aren’t recycled, they will…

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