Women in the workforce.

Femininity & Workforce: What It Means to Be a Woman in Business World

WASHINGTON (ViaNews) – In the wake of campaigns such as the #NoMakeup movement and the social media shattering #MeToo, women’s voices on beauty, harassment, discrimination and double standards are becoming more powerful in the political and social arenas. But what role does a women’s femininity (or lack thereof) play in her experience in the business…

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8th Summit of the Americas.

Peru: American Leaders United Against Corruption at 8th Summit of the Americas

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (ViaNews) – Held every three years since its first edition in 1994, the Eight Summit of the Americas came to an end last Saturday in Lima, Perú. During two days the heads of state and government representatives of the Western Hemisphere gathered on the Summit´s main topic “Democratic Governance against Corruption”. The United…

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