At the Web Summit, we met with the founder of JustEnjoy, Luis Caixado. He’s also Community Manager at the coworking and incubation community for entrepreneurs, Canopy Lisbon. Luis Caixado explained how he’s now working together with the US-based company, Canopy, to help companies and entrepreneurs thrive.

Founder of JustEnjoy, Luis Caixado, interview.

Miguel Salvado: Hello, Luis Caixado. How are you?
Luis Caixado: I’m wonderful.

How is it working out for you, since last year’s edition of the Web Summit?

This year’s edition seems to have more people, but still, we can see wonderful ideas, it’s a great conference.

I keep seeing wonderful startups, investors looking forward to taking part in them. It’s always amazing to come back again to the Web Summit.

Tell us about JustEnjoy, and how it’s been evolving since last year.

I’ve been constantly adapting our product, this time we have been made guests of Made Of Lisboa, showcasing our company, getting new clients, and I’ve also been a community manager of Canopy Lisbon.

That’s an amazing project, tell us about it.

Canopy Lisbon is a great project, it’s a space of mentorship, we organize a lot of events for startups and investors. We have a once a month Demo-night and lunch in Lisbon. We have founders from the UK, Lisbon and other countries, especially the United States. Canopy started in the United States, moved to the UK, now Lisbon, and then Beijing.

JustEnjoy is based in Canopy and we recommend you guys join us on our Facebook page, come work with us. This year has been great, I have JustEnjoy in one hand and Canopy in the other.