Nigel Farage: “I Hope This is Last Time I’ll be Speaking in This Parliament From a Member State”

Nigel Farage at the EU parliament.

Nigel Farage delivered his final speech to EU officials before the Britain’s historic referendum for the EU membership.

The Ukip leader condemned the EU “big, grand projects” which “are sowing the seeds” to “the end of this political project”.

In the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr. Farage stated his hope for the ”end to this entire project” at the June 23 referendum.

“I came in here in 1999 and sat at the back and there were only three of us, in the whole building, who thought our member states should leave the European Union.

It’s grand projects that have turned the tide of public opinion, in particular, the introduction of the Euro. I warned you, we all warned you that it would not work for the Mediterranean countries. It could comfortably work for the optimal currency zone in the north. <...>

You allowed countries like Greece to join a currency they were never fit for. What has happened to Greece now? Well, they’re facing the next bailout, in probably July of this year. And because you want to hold your project together you are forcing them, bit by bit, to become a third world country. All I can say, frankly, is shame on you.”

Nigel Farage last speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg before the EU referendum

Mr. Farage described Britain’s referendum as the most important event in the history of the EU.

“I think you’ve sowed the seeds of your own destruction. We have, in two weeks time, what is to be the biggest event in the history of this project. It’s the British referendum. And it’s not just about, whether Britain leaves the European Union, because if we make that choice, I’m confident many other countries will make that choice too.

I did originally believe that we should leave because we were a square peg in a round hole. I saw what happened here in 2005, when the French and Dutch rejected the Constitution, and yet, sneakily, it was brought in through the back door as Lisbon Treaty. I realized then that this is not just bad for Britain, it’s bad for the whole of Europe. I hope that on June the twenty-third it isn’t just independence day for the United Kingdom, I hope it brings an end to this entire project. In a few years time, we could be sovereign democratic nation states that work and trade together.

I hope this is the last time I’ll be speaking in this Parliament from a member state. Thank you very much. I hope that we are going to leave this Union on June the twenty-third, so I’m going out now.”

Nigel Farage last speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg before the EU referendum

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