Arcturus Therapeutics Stock Soars 32% In 21 Sessions: Why The Bullish Trend?

(VIANEWS) – Arcturus Therapeutics stock price increased 32.58% over 21 sessions, from EUR23.91 on November 24th to EUR31.70 as of 03:37 EST Tuesday afternoon after two consecutive days of gains. This surge was in line with overall performance on NASDAQ, which gained 0.19% to EUR14,992.97 despite Arcturus Therapeutics trading 16.03% below its 52-week high of EUR37.75

About Arcturus Therapeutics

Arcturus Therapeutics is a late-stage clinical company specializing in developing mRNA-based medications and vaccines for infectious diseases, liver, and respiratory rare diseases. Their core technologies LUNAR lipid-mediated delivery and STARR mRNA have supported their pipeline, including ARCT-810 (LUNAR-OTC), ARCT-154 (LUNAR-COVID-19) and ARCT-032 (LUNAR-CF). Established in 2013, this San Diego, California-based company began operations.

Yearly Analysis

Based on the available data, Arcturus Therapeutics stock appears to be trading at an inversed 52-week price range between its high and low levels, suggesting some volatility over the last year.

Concerned investors should keep in mind that sales growth projections for both this year and next may indicate poor prospects, though sales growth should only be considered one metric when evaluating stocks.

An EBITDA score of two may not provide a comprehensive view of Arcturus Therapeutics’s financial health, since it excludes other key metrics like net income and cash flow. Therefore, investors are advised to conduct more in-depth analyses of Arcturus Therapeutics’s finances and key performance indicators before making any investment decisions.

Technical Analysis

Arcturus Therapeutics’ current stock price of EUR33.50 is well beyond its 50-day moving average of EUR22.89 and even higher than its 200-day moving average of EUR26.31. This indicates a substantial rise in value. This suggests that the stock is currently on an impressive upward trajectory. However, it should be taken note of the stock’s current price is higher than its historical averages – which could be taken as an indicator of potential overvaluation. Trading volume was 34.08% lower at 271,431 than 411,790 average daily trades reported volume for Arcturus Therapeutics during 2018. This suggests that trading activity may have decreased, possibly impacting its liquidity and price stability. Regarding volatility, its intraday variation average for the past week, month, and quarter was 2.68%, 1.49% and 3.70% respectively. This timeframe had the highest average volatility amplitude: 5.344% for last week; 3.97% for last month and 3.70 for last quarter. These figures indicate that Arcturus Therapeutics stock has experienced moderate to high levels of volatility over the last several weeks and months, which could present investors with risks. Though its current stock price exceeds historical averages, its moderate to high volatility and lower than average trading volume could compromise liquidity and price stability; investors must take this into consideration prior to making any decisions regarding investments in Arcturus Therapeutics.

Quarter Analysis

According to the data presented here, Arcturus Therapeutics appears to be experiencing a dramatic reduction in sales growth for both its current and next quarters, registering negative 74% growth for both. Furthermore, negative 57.9% revenue generation challenges indicate the company may be struggling in generating revenues.

Additionally, negative 121.4% and negative 154.5% growth estimates for current and next quarters show that revenue may continue to decline in the near future.

Though sales experienced negative growth, their year-on-year quarterly revenue growth for the twelve trailing months increased by 237.6%. This is an impressive feat and should give rise to optimism about the company’s long-term outlook.

Overall, investors should use caution when considering investing in Arcturus Therapeutics as the company is currently experiencing challenges in generating revenue. Investors would be wise to closely observe its financial performance over the coming quarters to ascertain if any declines are temporary setbacks or more long-term issues.

Equity Analysis

Arcturus Therapeutics currently boasts a trailing twelve months EPS of EUR3.76, an 8.43 PE ratio and a 46.66% return on equity over its last twelve month period.

Profitability-wise, the company boasts a healthy return on equity of 46.66% indicating it is making significant profits relative to shareholder equity. Furthermore, its PE ratio of 8.43 indicates it may offer value investors an attractive investment opportunity.

Arcturus Therapeutics stands out in its industry with an EPS of EUR3.76; however, their return on equity could potentially present obstacles and threaten profitability in the future.

Before making investment decisions based on financial information provided, investors should carefully evaluate this data and conduct further investigation.

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