(VIANEWS) – Aurora Cannabis Shares Decline 30.21% in 21 Sessions, Expanding Downward Trend

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) experienced an alarming decline, falling 30.21% in just 21 trading sessions. On September 12th, its shares traded at EUR0.96, but by 19:01 EST Wednesday had declined further to EUR0.67; marking four straight sessions of losses for this company.

Overall market performance was mixed on Thursday, with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) showing an uptick of just 0.09% to EUR15,394.469 following last session’s dropoff. Aurora Cannabis’ recent performance has attracted much scrutiny to their financial health and potential growth opportunities.

Investors and market analysts alike are closely watching Aurora Cannabis’ competitive position within the cannabis industry and market trends as new developments unfold, keeping informed and adapting their investment strategies accordingly.

About Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is an internationally recognized producer and distributor of cannabis-related products. The company operates through three segments – Canadian Cannabis, European Cannabis and Plant Propagation – and produces an array of medical and consumer cannabis products, such as dried cannabis, cannabis oils, capsules, edible cannabis extracts and soft gels. Aurora also offers recreational cannabis products under various brands, such as Aurora Drift, San Rafael ’71 Daily Special Whistler Being and Greybeard; patient counseling and outreach services are also provided by Aurora. Aurora Cannabis Inc. cultivates and sells hemp-derived CBD products across multiple international markets, such as Australia, South America and Israel. Headquartered in Leduc, Canada – Aurora is dedicated to providing customers with top quality cannabis products.

Technical Analysis

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) experienced a decrease in trading volume today, with 17,536,286 shares changing hands; which represents 22.44% fewer shares traded than its average trading volume of 19,395,100 shares.

Looking at ACB’s stock volatility, intraday variation averages have seen declines of 2.57% weekly, 3.55% monthly and 4.87% quarterly for weekly intraday variations, monthly intraday variations and quarterly intraday variations respectively.

ACB experienced its highest amplitude of average volatility over the last week, month, and quarter at 3.75% (week), 9.54% (month), and 4.87% (quarter). Investors should keep a close watch on these fluctuations as they could signal potential opportunities or threats of profit or loss for them.

Equity Analysis

Aurora Cannabis currently has an earnings per share (EPS) ratio of EUR-5.81 for the past year, indicating it is incurring losses instead of making profits. Investors should keep this in mind when assessing Aurora’s financial performance and potential growth potential as it can have an effect on its stock price and investment outlook.

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