Canaan Stock Plunges 12% As Investors Weigh In On Q3 Earnings Report

(VIANEWS) – U.S. stocks were lower on Tuesday, with the NASDAQ Composite Index declining 1.55% to EUR15,530.59 and Canaan (CAN) shares falling 12.17% to EUR2.02, extending recent losses and trading 34.29% below its 52-week high of EUR3.50. Investors experienced selling pressure across markets as investors responded to various factors; it remains to be seen if this downward trend will persist over the coming sessions; market participants may monitor key economic data releases and corporate earnings reports for further insights into its state.

About Canaan

Canaan Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to the design, research and sales of advanced IC mining equipment for bitcoin mining – with presence across numerous countries like the US, Australia, Mainland China Hong Kong. Established in 2013 with headquarters located in Singapore – Canaan Inc is now an established player in this global bitcoin mining market.

Yearly Analysis

Canaan Inc (NASDAQ:CAN) is a technology company that designs and sells high-performance blockchain systems and solutions. Their stock currently trades at EUR2.02, considerably below their 52-week high of EUR3.50 but higher than their 52-week low of EUR1.13.

Canaan anticipates experiencing negative sales growth of 68.4% this year and positive sales growth of 12.5% next year; however, its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) currently stands at -2.22, signalling negative earnings.

Canaan’s stock performance and earnings outlook are worrisome, prompting potential investors to conduct more in-depth analysis before making any definitive investment decisions.

Technical Analysis

Canaan Inc. stock has seen significant fluctuations recently, with its value currently sitting above its 50-day moving average of EUR1.91 yet below its 200-day moving average of EUR2.09. This indicates its high degree of price volatility over recent weeks and months.

Trading volume has also seen an upswing, with today’s reported volume being 25.19% higher than its average volume of 19,801,800. This indicates that investors are actively trading the stock, possibly contributing to further price fluctuations.

Over the last month, volatility for this stock has been relatively consistent at an intraday variation average of 1.02%; however, week-on-week volatility increased significantly with an average amplitude of 11.18% indicating greater uncertainty surrounding its price movements.

Overall, investors should closely track Canaan’s stock price movements, trading volume, and volatility to make informed decisions on whether to buy or sell its shares.

Quarter Analysis

Canaan Inc. has experienced negative sales growth of 38.4% for this quarter and 20.2% in the subsequent one; nevertheless, Canaan provided growth estimates at 30.8% and 75%, respectively.

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth has declined significantly year-on-year, falling 75.1% and currently standing at 160.89M for twelve trailing months. Despite this negative growth trend, estimates for future quarters suggest potential sales growth recovery; investors should keep tabs on this company in future quarters to assess its longevity of this upward trajectory.

Equity Analysis

Canaan currently has an EPS of EUR-0.47 for the trailing twelve months, meaning they have experienced an annual loss. Furthermore, their Return On Equity (ROE) for that same time frame was negative at -53.23% which indicates that profits have not been generated efficiently through shareholder investment in Canaan’s equity pool resulting in investors having negative perceptions and decisions regarding Canaan.

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