Cocoa Futures Is 3% Up In The Last 10 Sessions

(VIANEWS) – Cocoa (CC) has been up by 3.68% for the last 10 sessions. At 05:51 EST on Monday, 22 May, Cocoa (CC) is $3,069.00.


Today’s last reported volume for Cocoa is 1931, 99.98% below its average volume of 13986916.35.


Cocoa’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current intraday variation average was a negative 2.04%, a negative 6.04%, and a positive 3.12%, respectively.

Cocoa’s highest amplitude of average volatility was 2.16% (last week), 6.14% (last month), and 3.12% (last quarter), respectively.

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  • According to DailyForex on Sunday, 21 May, "The West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil market has rallied to show signs of life during the course of the week, but we still see a lot of noise above and ultimately it is a situation where we are trying to figure out where to go from here, due to the fact that oil is so highly sensitive to the global economy, which of course is all over the place at the moment. "
  • Crude oil forecast: continues to see a lot of choppy behavior – 22 May 2023. According to DailyForex on Monday, 22 May, "Amidst the global economy’s uncertainty, the $70 level supports the WTI Crude Oil market. ", "Ultimately, the WTI Crude Oil and Brent markets face noise and choppiness amid an uncertain global economic environment. "

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