Coinbase Stock Surges 13% As Investors Bet On Crypto’s Future

(VIANEWS) – Coinbase shares surge 13.91% to EUR189.07 as the NASDAQ index makes its first gains in three sessions.

About Coinbase

Coinbase Global, Inc. serves as a financial infrastructure and technology provider for the crypto economy worldwide, both domestically and internationally. Established in 2012 and headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware – Coinbase has quickly become one of the key players in this emerging industry since then.

Yearly Analysis

Coinbase’s EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) stands at 179.31 as of today. EBITDA measures financial performance without taking into account non-operational expenses such as interest payments, taxes owed, depreciation charges or amortization costs.

Note that EBITDA provides valuable insight into a company’s financial health; however, it should not be seen as the only metric of profitability as it does not take into account expenses such as capital expenditures and stock-based compensation that must be covered to run business successfully.

When assessing a stock, it’s essential to assess not only its financials, but also industry trends, competition, and overall economic conditions. Investors should also be mindful of any associated risks by diversifying their portfolio to prevent potential losses.

Technical Analysis

Coinbase stock continues to outperform its moving averages, currently exceeding both its 50-day moving average of EUR131.33 and 200-day moving average of EUR87.19 by an impressive margin. Unfortunately, trading volume for Coinbase shares has decreased 15.89% year over year from its average trading volume of 14,124,300 indicating potential waning investor interest.

Coinbase’s recent volatility statistics include negative intraday variations over the last week, positive monthly variations over the last month, and quarterly variations that average out at positive 4.21%. Its highest amplitude average volatility over these timeframes reached 5.33% for its weekly variations, 5.21% over month variance, and 4.21 for quarterly variations; these fluctuations may create uncertainty for investors while its overall upward trajectory remains firm.

Quarter Analysis

Coinbase’s sales growth shows a decline of 49% for this quarter and 5.4% for the following. Year-over-year quarterly revenue growth increased 8.1% and is at 2.63B.

Equity Analysis

According to Coinbase’s financial data, its trailing twelve month earnings per share (EPS) stands at EUR0.37 and its price-earnings ratio (PER) at 511. Purchasing one share would cost EUR511 for every euro earned annually. Furthermore, its return on equity for these twelve trailing months stands at negative -12.74% indicating lack of profitability relative to shareholder equity.

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