HANG SENG INDEX Bullish By 3% In The Last 5 Sessions

(VIANEWS) – HANG SENG INDEX (HSI) has been up by 3.44% for the last 5 sessions. At 06:08 EST on Tuesday, 21 November, HANG SENG INDEX (HSI) is $17,995.09.

About HANG SENG INDEX’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 6.9% up from its 52-week low and 20.73% down from its 52-week high.

News about

  • According to MarketWatch on Sunday, 19 November, "The company, worth around $1.2 trillion now, is big enough that it is expected to be the largest driver of profit growth for the S&P 500 index SPX overall for the third quarter."
  • According to MarketWatch on Monday, 20 November, "The stock has gained 15% in the year to date, while the S&P 500 SPX has gained 17.6%."
  • According to MarketWatch on Monday, 20 November, "The S&P 500 surged 9.6% over the past three weeks, its largest three-week percentage gain since June 2020, according to Dow Jones Market Data."
  • According to MarketWatch on Monday, 20 November, "The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA was up less than 0.1% soon after the opening bell, while the S&P 500 SPX edged up less than 0.1% and the Nasdaq Composite COMP rose 0.2%, according to FactSet data at last check. ", "Last week, the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq each booked a third consecutive weekly gain, with the S&P 500 jumping 9.6% over the three-week period."

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