(VIANEWS) – USD/EUR (USDEUR) has been up by 1.52% for the last 21 sessions. At 03:06 EST on Monday, 27 March, USD/EUR (USDEUR) is $0.93.

USD/EUR’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 3.791% up from its 52-week low and 11.458% down from its 52-week high.


USD/EUR’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current intraday variation average was a negative 0.19%, a negative 0.13%, and a positive 0.47%, respectively.

USD/EUR’s highest amplitude of average volatility was 0.53% (last week), 0.55% (last month), and 0.47% (last quarter), respectively.

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  • Eur/usd edges lower, and tests 1.0750 support as a triple bottom stays in play. According to FXStreet on Saturday, 25 March, "The EUR/USD failed to hold to its previous gains, though the triple bottom chart pattern remains in play as long as it stays above 1.0759. "
  • According to FXStreet on Saturday, 25 March, "We have highlighted one supportive factor for EUR/USD as being the relative resilience of euro-zone banks compared to the US highlighted by the outperformance of the Euro Stoxx 600 Bank Index which is currently around unchanged on a year-to-date basis compared to more than a 20% drop for the S&P 500 equivalent.", "If confidence in European banks continues to deteriorate it seems highly likely that the correction lower in EUR/USD could have further to go. "
  • Eur/usd: seen at 1.05 in three months – rabobank. According to FXStreet on Saturday, 25 March, "In our view, this action by the Fed was instrumental in allowing EUR/USD to trend higher at the start of the week and break (temporarily) the key 1.08 resistance level. ", "In view of prevailing tensions we have not at this time revised our forecast of a dip in EUR/USD to 1.05 on a 3 month view, although we are clearly watching events carefully. "
  • According to FXStreet on Sunday, 26 March, "´´We still forecast at EUR/USD1.05 in 3 months, though we have tweaked our 6 to 12 mth EUR/USD forecasts.´´"
  • Eur/usd price analysis: retreats towards 1.0730 support confluence. According to FXStreet on Monday, 27 March, "Overall, EUR/USD is likely to grind lower but an area between the aforementioned DMA convergence and the support-turned-resistance line appears the key for the pair traders to watch.", "Meanwhile, the EUR/USD buyers remain off the table unless the quote remains below the previous support line, around 1.0820 by the press time."

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