VerifyMe Stock Surges 30% In Past 21 Sessions – Find Out Why!

(VIANEWS) – VerifyMe (VRME) shares have surged by 30.97% over the past 21 sessions, from EUR1.13 to EUR1.48, despite two consecutive losses. This rise coincided with an upward trend seen by the NASDAQ index which rose 0.23% to EUR16,277.46 while VerifyMe closed at EUR1.48, representing 34.8% less than its 52-week high price of EUR2.27.

About VerifyMe

VerifyMe and PeriShip Global LLC offer technology solutions specializing in connecting brands to consumers while providing end-to-end logistics management. Their operations consist of two segments – VerifyMe Solutions and PeriShip Global Solutions. VerifyMe Solutions utilizes technology to connect brands with consumers, providing brand protection, supply chain functions, and authentication solutions. PeriShip Global Solutions offers predictive analytics for optimizing perishable product delivery, offering customer dashboard, call center services and weather/traffic services. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida – VerifyMe Inc (formerly LaserLock Technologies, Inc) enjoys an established partnership with INX International Ink Company (INX International Ink Co).

Yearly Analysis

According to available information, VerifyMe (VRME) stock is currently trading at EUR1.48, significantly below its 52-week high of EUR2.27 but still higher than its 52-week low of EUR0.85.

VerifyMe anticipates realizing a 30.5% sales increase this year and 9.9% in 2019.

VerifyMe currently boasts an EBITDA score of -21.21, suggesting negative earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization – suggesting it may not currently be profitable and may face financial strain.

Before making an investment decision, investors should carefully consider these and any additional information relevant to them.

Technical Analysis

Moving AveragesMe’s stock value is currently trading well above both its 50-day moving average of EUR1.13 and 200-day moving average of EUR1.18, signalling bullish sentiment for both short- and long-term investment prospects in this stock.
Volume (Volume per Day, V/N: 805) for VerifyMe today was 58% below its average volume of 32078 and represents an apparent reduction in trading activity.
VolatilityVerifyMe’s intraday volatility has been relatively stable over the past week, month, and quarter with average variations averaging between 6.09%, 1.56%, and 2.94% respectively. Volatility’s highest amplitude average volatility reached 6.09% for one week of average volatility 4.40% during month 2.94% during quarter.
Overall, VerifyMe stock’s current price has shown strength compared to its moving averages and trading volume; volatility remains stable. Investors should closely follow these indicators for making informed decisions when purchasing or selling VerifyMe shares.

Quarter Analysis

VerifyMe’s sales growth estimates for this quarter and next are negative 7.8% and positive 1.1% respectively, according to Growth Estimate Quarters estimates. Its growth estimate for this current quarter stands at 400% and 47.1% respectively for subsequent ones. Revenue Growth Quarter-on-Quarter revenue growth was up 7.5% year over year to 26.3M for the twelve trailing months. Company OverviewVerifyMe operates within the technology sector, specialising in identity and access management solutions. Their flagship product, multi-factor authentication, provides an additional layer of protection to online transactions and user logins. Revenue for this business comes primarily from selling software licenses and subscription-based services. VerifyMe has experienced negative sales growth for this quarter and is projected to experience positive growth over the course of its next quarter, according to their growth estimates. Over the past year, this company has experienced an annualized 7.5% revenue increase with total twelve trailing month revenue reaching 26.3M. As an investment expert, I advise conducting a thorough examination of their financial performance, growth prospects, and competitive landscape before making any definitive investment decisions.

Equity Analysis

Based on the information available, VerifyMe’s trailing twelve months earnings per share are EUR-0.29, signalling that it is currently not making profits for shareholders. Furthermore, VerifyMe’s return on equity for this period stands at negative -26.16% and therefore does not effectively utilize shareholder equity to generate profits for itself. Investors should exercise caution when investing in companies with negative profitability and return on equity figures – it may be prudent to conduct more in-depth analysis regarding financial performance and growth potential before making investment decisions.

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