SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (ViaNews) – For a long time, the Dominican Republic has faced the problem of the penetration of Haitian nationals in its territory. Especially in the face of the almost total deforestation of the Haitian territory with its negative consequences, such as the depletion of its rivers and sources of drinking water and the gradual disappearance of its agricultural areas. The Haitian people have no choice but to migrate to Dominican lands where they can still find arable farming land and forests to process coal.

The situation at the border

The border strip between the Dominican Republic and Haiti has about 280 to 300 kilometers between the provinces of Montecristi, Dajabón, Elías Piña, and Pedernales. The largest penetration of Haitians occurs between Elías Piña and Pedernales where the illegal foreigners are depriving Dominicans of access to rivers and displacing fishermen in fishing areas.

The kidnapping

Well-known cardiologist, Dr. Pedro Ureña, denounced on Saturday in a radio program that with several of his friends he was locked up by at least 100 Haitians with machetes, sticks, and axes, and stripped of their motorcycles and belongings on the International road, in the community of Restoración, in Dajabón.

He said that there were two armed Dominican soldiers there and they did nothing despite their requests for help. He added that they were released after two hours because they made believe they were Americans. To kidnap the group, the Haitians closed the road with junk and trees.

According to the Dominican authorities, the incident was caused by reprisals from Haitians because some Dominicans had retained some motorcycles to some Haitians. They also said that the border was reinforced and that it was under control.

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Senator denounces Haitians control Dominican areas

Senator Adriano Sánchez Roa denounced today that “Haitians are seizing land and forcing out Dominicans, as in Tirolí, of Elías Piña a province near the Haitian border”.

The senator added that “The area of Tirolí has practically been taken over by Haitians, and the Dominicans who enter the area are prey to the gangs that control the place. Sometimes I have seen armed men there and that cannot be, “said the senator of Elías Piña.

Sánchez Roa added that “the situation experienced by Dr. Pedro Ureña and seven of his friends who travelled by motorcycle on the International Highway on Saturday, occurs constantly to people who move through these places” and added, “this case was notorious because they were well-known professionals, the Haitians have taken the places over “.

The lawmaker said that in order to face that situation Dominicans must respond in the same way, because it is not possible that the military just observes Dominicans being kidnapped without even firing a shot.

Given the current situation on the border, Senator Sanchez Roa suggested that military checkpoints should be reinforced because Dominicans are now keeping from entering these areas due to the carelessness of the authorities. In addition, we must improve the International Highway because it takes an hour for the patrols to travel the 20 kilometers.

In addition, we must improve the economic conditions of the military that patrol Tirolí, Uayajayuco, and Los Cacaos, “the soldiers are in another world and the only company they have is loneliness and mosquitoes,” the senator said.

Also, the journalist Santa Marte, of the Listin Diario, narrated that she was the object of aggression and kidnapping by a mob of Haitians five months ago at the border in the Montecristi area. They were attacking all passersby with stones, sticks, and machetes. “Then we had to stay in the local Army post for about two hours until the situation calmed down.”

The reporter said that it is time for the Dominican authorities to respond adequately to prevent Haitian penetration in the border areas where there are several communities in which more than 85% are Haitians.

Additionally, she understands that it is necessary “that the Ministry of Agriculture encourage farming in the area so that Dominicans do not have to leave their own lands, which are automatically occupied by Haitians.

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Haitians invade Villa Altagracia

Dominican newspaper Listín Diario has reported that “large inter-urban, rural and remote areas of this town are being occupied with hundreds of illegal Haitians, who constantly violate the law.”

Local residents reported that “Haitians are stealing items like lamps, instruments and fans and electrical equipment, as well as cutting down trees in areas such as the Barrio Chino and The Dam.”

They also explain that “on several occasions they have burglarized the farm owned by an engineer named Andújar, stealing their farming tools.”
They maintain that “in most of the neighborhoods, illegal Haitians swarm during the daytime while at night they are engaged in unlawful actions without the slightest control.”

The sources also denounced “the indifference of the authorities of the Migration Department, the Ministry of the Interior and other institutions responsible for facing this peaceful invasion of Haitians who bring pregnant women for childbirth in hospitals, with the purpose of giving their offspring Dominican nationality. “

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