The 32 national teams playing in the Russia World Cup have generated millions of new followers for both players and teams.

According to Primetag, a platform that measures influence on social networks, Russia World Cup players gained over 15 million followers and had over 152 million interactions, during the first week alone.

Among the winning teams on Social Media, the Portuguese, Spanish, and the Brazilian had the most likes and comments. Iceland, was this week surprise, with a 228% followers increase.

Portugal, Spain, Brazil, France, and Germany, respectively, are the countries with the players that have generated the highest level of social media interaction since the beginning of the tournament.

Ranking of players per interaction (likes + comments) in content published from June 14

Name Publications Interactions
Cristiano Ronaldo 6 32,942,511
Neymar 3 6,284,537
Paul Pogba 6 5,475,711
Lionel Messi 1 4,786,519
Mesut Özil 4 3,207,666
Marcelo 8 3,153,391
Isco Alarcón 4 2,953,104
James Rodríguez 2 2,658,925
Luis Suárez 5 2,498,474

Data by Primetag

Countries whose players have gained the most followers to date

Country New Followers Followers
Brazil 3,420,671 199,040,827
Portugal 1,434,233 147,918,240
Argentina 1,429,352 142,552,421
Morocco 1,388,958 9,915,288
Mexico 1,346,680 19,974,203
Spain 1,048,768 135,159,331
Egypt 972,915 39,649,455
Germany 912,996 88,546,701
Iceland 1,048,768 1,437,691
France 685,877 80,626,443

Data by Primetag


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