Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

Trump, Microsoft, and the TikTok Saga

If you hadn’t heard of TikTok before, you probably have by now as the Chinese-owned video-sharing platform is entangled in a storm of controversy involving U.S. President Donald Trump and software giant Microsoft. The app, where users can create 15-second clips to catchy songs, has been snowballing in popularity, and, according to multiple statistics sources,…

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Venezuelan President, Maduro, with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, during his state visit to China. Photo by: @PresidencialVen / Twitter.

Gauging Venezuela’s Real Economy After Maduro’s Recovery Plan and Talks With China, US

Caracas, Venezuela (ViaNews) – Starting in August, the Venezuelan economy was in such difficult situation that its bank notes were illegally exported to Colombia, where they were reportedly bought by four times its face value. With these bank notes, Colombians were able to buy Venezuelan gasoline and other goods, much cheaper than their own. Hence,…

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Venezuela Culture Minister, Ernesto Villegas, with JV Rangel. Photo by: Courtesy José Vicente Rangel.

White House Leaks Reportedly Show Venezuela has Been Under Trump´s Crosshairs

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) – Recent leaks were published on the September 8 edition of the New York Times regarding Trump´s administration supporting the military coup against Nicolas Maduro´s government. The paper assured “several meetings” took place in Europe (starting in fall 2017) between Venezuelan ex-military commanders and U.S. diplomats willing to oust President Maduro. “Stay…

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President Maduro being secured by government staff moments after the first drone exploded.

Maduro Saved by Counter-Drone Technology, Says Venezuelan Attorney General

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) – Tarek William Saab, Venezuela´s Attorney General appeared on television today to deliver new information regarding the frustrated attack to President Nicolás Maduro where drones packed with explosives exploded near high ranking members of the Venezuelan government. On Saturday, August 04, during a military parade, the speech of president Maduro was interrupted…

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18 February 1949 letter. Einstein reply to Dr Alton R. Chapple.

Albert Einstein Letters Warning About Danger of Atomic Bomb and Power-hungry Leaders go to Auction

JERUSALEM, Israel (ViaNews) – Several letters written by Albert Einstein are on sale by an auction house based in Jerusalem, Israel. In one of those letters, written seven months prior to the first atomic bombing attack in history, Einstein foresees that a nuclear weapon will decide the fate of war. In another letter, Albert Einstein…

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