Indonesia Vice Presidential debate with Ma'ruf Amin and Sandiaga Uno.

Indonesia’s Vice-Presidential Debate 2019: Fact-Checking

JAKARTA, Indonesia (ViaNews) – The third presidential debate was held on Sunday (March.17) at the Sultan Hotel. Unlike the first two, the third debate only involved vice presidential candidates; Ma’ruf Amin (running mate of the incumbent Joko Widodo) and Sandiaga Uno ( vice presidential candidate for Prabowo Subianto). Amin and Uno come from different backgrounds….

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indonesia first presidential debate: Jokowi vs Prabowo. Photo by: Agus Suparto/Setpres

Three Talking Points From First Indonesian Presidential Debate

JAKARTA, Indonesia (ViaNews) – Indonesians finally watched the first and most anticipated presidential debate of 2019, which was held on January 17 at Bidakara Hotel. The same presidential candidates but different running mates; Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto would face to face again with their vice presidential candidates, Ma’ruf Amin, and Sandiaga Uno respectively. The…

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Construction site in Indonesia.

Papua Shooting: When Infrastructure is not an Answer to the Province’s Complicated Problems

JAYAPURA, Indonesia (ViaNews) – As of Sunday (December 9), as many as 17 bodies of construction firm PT Istaka Karya workers found in Mount Kabo, Kali Yigi-Kali Aurak, Yigi District, Nduga Regency, Papua were evacuated to Timika. The evacuation process which took place at Mount Kabo, where the company’s employees were executed, was blocked by…

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McDonald's at Cilandak Mall, Cilandak KKO. Photo by: Nur Cholis

Anti-Plastic Straw Movement Trending In Indonesia, What’s Next?

JAKARTA, Indonesia (ViaNews) – Plastic straws are used everywhere, mostly in restaurants. Just imagine how many millions of straws are polluting the environment. People have, however, started reducing the use of plastic straws. According to data from Divers’ Clean Action, Indonesians use 93 million plastic straws every day, and if they aren’t recycled, they will…

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A woman votes in Indonesia’s 2009 presidential election. Photo by: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Promise to Give Millennials Ministerial Seats

JAKARTA, Indonesia (ViaNews) – One of Indonesia’s vice presidential candidates, Sandiaga Uno, promised to give millennials ministerial posts if he becomes the winner on the upcoming presidential poll 2019. Uno, a prominent entrepreneur wants to give posts of Minister of Youth and Sports, Minister of Communication and Information, and Minister of Research and Technology to…

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Presidental election 2007 in Indonesia. Photo by: Maria Tschanz.

War of Words Ahead of the 2019 Indonesia’s Poll Makes Campaign Period Lose its Substance

JAKARTA, Indonesia (ViaNews) – Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo introduced a new term. “Genderuwo politician” is used to describe politicians who influence people by spreading the propaganda of fear and uncertainty. “Such politics is unethical; how can [the politicians] frighten their own people? This is called genderuwo politics, [because it] spreads fear,” the president said in…

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