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Global Office Market to Recover in 10 Years Despite Rise in Remote Work

The coronavirus pandemic hit the global office real estate market hard but it is expected to fully recover in the next decade despite the accelerating remote work trend, says a new study. “The structural impacts of work-from-home trends will be offset by factors such as economic growth, population growth, and office-using penetration, which means demand…

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Short-Time Work: A Beacon of Hope Amid COVID-19 Layoffs

Short-time work policies hold the promise of helping countries combat the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 if they are aided by high uptake, generous wage replacement, incentives, and higher flexibility, says an economist. Michael Wolf from the Deloitte Global Economist Network cites short-time work—sometimes called a work-sharing program—as a policy that has gained considerable popularity…

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Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of (Photo by Via News)

Distributed Teams Feasible, Need to Invest in Upskilling Low-Skilled Workers

The COVID-19 experience, which forced teams worldwide to work from home, proved that having distributed teams involving high-skilled workers is totally feasible, says an entrepreneur. In an interview with Via News, Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of, also said the parties concerned, including governments, have to invest more in reskilling and upskilling low-skilled workers to help…

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Labor day in Manila, Philippines.

In Philippines, Workers Demand end to Exploitative, Centuries-old Contractual Work Scheme

MANILA, Philippines (ViaNews) – Tens of thousands of protesters here were unfazed as they marched the streets of Manila under the scorching heat of the sun and the occasional drizzles and thunderstorm as they commemorate the International Labor Day with a strong clamor to put to an end on the widespread and exploitative contractualization or…

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