Luis de Guindos, vice president of the European Central Bank, says Europe is expected to slip into a recession of a transitory nature. (Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash)

Europe’s Economy in Tatters as Coronavirus Lockdowns Tighten

Long before the coronavirus unleashed a massive wave of shock across the world, economists had envisioned several scenarios for a possible recession in Europe. However, few would have thought that some of the largest economies in the world would find themselves at war with a novel virus. The coronavirus has brought economic activities almost to…

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João Mendes Borga, director of Startup Portugal, says most startup enterprises in Europe are undervalued. (Photo by Mauro Sbicego on Unsplash)

Most European Startups Are Undervalued: Startup Portugal’s Director

Most startup enterprises in Europe are “undervalued”, says the director of Startup Portugal, who believes that the local nature of funding in the European entrepreneurial ecosystem makes an investment bubble scenario unlikely. “I think this is more a US problem than a European problem,” João Mendes Borga told Via News in an exclusive interview when…

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João Mendes Borga, director at Startup Portugal (Photo by Via News)

Startups Act Differently Than Large Corporations in Recession: Startup Portugal’s Director

The impact of a potential recession on startups is different than its effect on large companies because of their different structures, says the director of Startup Portugal, who believes that entrepreneurs thrive on challenges. Startups are different than large corporations in nature and act differently when it comes to industry recession or real estate recession,…

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Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of (Photo by Via News)

Remote Work Is Not Only for Crisis Situations: Co-Founder of Landing.Jobs

It is wrong to assume that remote work should be incorporated into company strategy only in crises, says an entrepreneur, who believes that a work-from-home policy should become an integral part of businesses regardless of the situation. In comments to Via News, Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of, said the fact that the coronavirus outbreak triggered a…

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Woman with mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Europe is preparing to face the pandemic. Photo by: Anna Shvets.

Coronavirus: Travel Restrictions, Quarantine Status in European Countries

Governments across Europe have imposed internal measures and travel restrictions to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. Here’s a regularly updated list of some of the measures and travel restrictions in European countries. All countries are with Level 3 Travel Health Notice status, meaning there’s a widespread, ongoing transmission and that non-essential travel should be…

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Startup Portugal acts as a medium between the government, entrepreneurs, incubators, and accelerators. (Photo source: Startup Portugal)

Startup Portugal Aims to Ease Talent Attraction, Collaborative Investment

Startup Portugal is taking steps toward attracting more foreign entrepreneurs and facilitating the collaboration between international and local investors, says a senior official at the public-private think tank. “We have to be able to attract entrepreneurs to Portugal faster and more easily,” João Mendes Borga, director at Startup Portugal, told Via News in a recent…

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