South Sudan Oil Contamination: “Among Highest in the World,” Study Finds

South Sudan oil workers attempting to contain the spill. Photo by: Nile Institute of Environmental Health.

MUNICH, Germany (ViaNews) – Professor Fritz Pragst of Berlin’s Institute for Forensic Medicine is one of the leading forensic toxicologists in the world.

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Professor Pragst headed a team of scientists that produced in 2017 the definitive study on the levels of lead, barium and other health-endangering substances in the hairs of people living in the vicinity of South Sudan’s oil fields.

Here is his statement on the study’s findings.

“The levels of lead concentrations found in the hairs of residents in South Sudan were, in some cases, among the highest in the world. While further tests – of resident blood- would be required to ascertain actual damaging of health – the direct and immediate endangerment of lead poisoning for human beings and animals is extremely well and unequivocally documented.”

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South Sudan residents report a large number of deformed children, birth complications, and sexual dysfunctions.

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