Terry Swartzberg

An American public affairs campaigner and journalist. Contributed for 25 years to the International Herald Tribune. Journalist contact: terryswartzberg@vianewsagency.com. Terry Swartzberg's website: http://swartzberg.com

South Sudan oil contamination. Photo by: Courtesy German NGO Sign of Hope.

Interrogation of Lundin Execs for Crimes Against Humanity and Environment in South Sudan

MUNICH, Germany (ViaNews) – “Lundin Petroleum’s chief executive and chairman are set to be charged with aggravated crimes against human rights over the Swedish oil company’s role in causing thousands of deaths in South Sudan,” states the report published in the October 18th edition of the Financial Times. These crimes were allegedly committed in the…

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South Sudan girls collected water from a recently opened borehole. Water that, if contaminated, may pose a serious health threat. Photo by: Arsenie Coseac.

South Sudan Government Confirms Widespread Oil-caused Environmental Catastrophe

MUNICH, Germany (ViaNews) – In May 2018, the United Nation‘s Environment Programme published the South Sudan‘s First State of Environment Report and Outlook. From literally its first page on, the report details what such environmental and human rights organizations as Germany‘s Sign of Hope have been saying for many years. The ruthless and reckless practices…

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South Sudan oil workers attempting to contain the spill. Photo by: Nile Institute of Environmental Health.

South Sudan Oil Contamination: “Among Highest in the World,” Study Finds

MUNICH, Germany (ViaNews) – Professor Fritz Pragst of Berlin’s Institute for Forensic Medicine is one of the leading forensic toxicologists in the world. Read: Briefing on Big Oil’s Contamination of South Sudan Professor Pragst headed a team of scientists that produced in 2017 the definitive study on the levels of lead, barium and other health-endangering…

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NGO Sign of Hope shows, based on scientific research and analysis, that the oil industry in the state of Unity (South Sudan) pollutes the drinking water and people are poisoned with heavy metals. Photo by: Sign of Hope.

German NGO Struggle for Clean Water in South Sudan

MUNICH, Germany (ViaNews) – VENRO, a group of 120 Germany-based NGOs providing humanitarian and development assistance around the world, produced a report entitled “Uncomfortable partners – from confrontation to cooperation: NGO’S strategies for dealing with companies”. This is an important report because it covers – in-depth – a key subject: how NGOs – the brave…

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The pipe was repaired, but the contaminant was left in the environment. Photo by: Nile Institute of Environmental Health.

Oil-Mudslides Flooding South Sudan

Trigged by an oil spill and subsequent heavy rainfall, waves of oil and contaminants-soaked mud are rolling over South Sudanese villages and farmlands, reports the Nile Institute of Environmental Health (NIE-Health), one of the country’s leading environmental monitoring and reporting institutions. The oil spill resulted from a bursting in December 2017 of a pipeline connecting…

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