Edgar Beltrán

Edgar is a Venezuelan political scientist with journalist's heart committed to seek the hidden truths through investigation. Via News Correspondent for Venezuela. Journalist contact: edgarbeltran@vianewsagency.com

Rafael Valera, leader of the Venezuelan political movement Rumbo Libertad. Photo by: ViaNews.

Interview With Rafael Valera, Leader of Venezuelan Political Movement Rumbo Libertad: “I Know We’ll Come out Victorious From This”

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) – Venezuela’s crisis continues to grow rapidly and no one seems able to stop it. After last years failed protests and a variety of also failed negotiation attempts with the government, rejection towards MUD (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática – Democratic Union Roundtable) has escalated rapidly. The coalition is deeply fractured by…

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Empty Education. Caracas Central University. Photo by: Waraira repano & Guaicai puro.

Venezuela’s Hidden Crisis: Basic Education

MARACAIBO, Venezuela (ViaNews) – The sufferings of Venezuelan economy are hardly unknown these days. Inflation over 10,000 %, massive scarcity of basic products, an insignificant salary, rising dollar black market, cash almost inexistent, and so on. These issues are not isolated in the void. They bring deep social hardships. The critical impoverishment of many Venezuelans…

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