Katie Anderton

Journalist graduated from the University of Lincoln, blogger, and PR manager. Journalist contact: katie-anderton@vianewsagency.com

Pro-EU march in London on March 25, 2017 to mark 60 years since the Treaty of Rome. Photo by: Ilovetheeu.

Brexit: It’s Not all Doom and Gloom

London (ViaNews) – “Brexit”, the word induces fear, confusion and apprehension. It’s obviously not an ideal situation, but it’s a situation Britain is in nonetheless. Britain has to deal with it and devise an outcome that doesn’t jeopardise opportunities for the British public What Britain might need right now is a promise, comfort and, of…

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Plan International Filipino activist, Louisa (in brown) planting mangrove seedlings on a beach to disaster-proof her communities. Photo by: courtesy Plan International.

The World Needs to Acknowledge that Climate Change is a Feminist Issue

LONDON (ViaNews) – With the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference approaching, it’s time to discuss the link between feminism and climate change. Studies have shown that climate change doesn’t have gender-neutral effects; women and girls are affected far more. This has provided a new mission for organisations all over the world to tackle the ever-growing…

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