Natasha Lane

ViaNews correspondent for the United States of America - I am a graduate of Juniata College with a B.S. in Entrepreneurial Journalism. I have worked as a newspaper journalist (both straight and feature news). Journalist contact:

Women in the workforce.

Femininity & Workforce: What It Means to Be a Woman in Business World

WASHINGTON (ViaNews) – In the wake of campaigns such as the #NoMakeup movement and the social media shattering #MeToo, women’s voices on beauty, harassment, discrimination and double standards are becoming more powerful in the political and social arenas. But what role does a women’s femininity (or lack thereof) play in her experience in the business…

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German Bundestag in Berlin.

Personal Privacy: Fact or Fiction? Role of Government In our Digital Privacy

Washington, United States (ViaNews) – In June, the German government instated a policy that allows them to hack and monitor the digital interactions of people suspected of criminal activity. With this new Trojan hacking tool called Remote Communication Software (RCIS) 2.0, the government’s ability to monitor digital activity will no longer be limited to desktop…

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