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Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

How to Keep an Edge in the Era of Pervasive AI?

AI adopters should be proactive in implementing certain measures if they want to gain or maintain an advantage over their industry peers...


Amir Bozorgzadeh, Virtuleap's co-founder and CEO (Photo source: Amir Bozorgzadeh's LinkedIn page)

Coronavirus Made Startups Get Real About Their Business Models: Virtuleap’s CEO

As the world is reeling from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, many startups are taking a not-so-pleasant or even painful walk down...

Future of Work


The Heasy robot has been designed as a smart home terminal, able to educate customers and move alone in space. Photo by: LSA.

Artificial Intelligence Is Leading a Revolution in Robotics

Robotics, as a discipline has been around for a long time. The increasing demand for automation, however, has seen interest in robots grow exponentially. Statista estimates that the market for Robo-advisors will be worth...
An aquatic soft robot, inspired by a lionfish and designed by James Pikul, former postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Rob Shepherd. Photo by:

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Robotic Fish

For the longest time, robots have been essential, even as developers tried to make them more human in the way they operate. Fast forward researchers at Cornell University have demystified this thought...

Artificial Intelligence

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

How to Keep an Edge in the Era of Pervasive AI?

AI adopters should be proactive in implementing certain measures if they want to gain or maintain an advantage over their industry peers as the disruptive technology becomes mainstream, according to global accounting...
Elena Jin, TAIGER's marketing manager for Latin America and Europe (Photo credit: TAIGER)

COVID-19: A Pivotal Moment for Future of AI

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the need for artificial intelligence solutions as the technology can help businesses run more nimbly and reliably, says a marketing manager at TAIGER, one of Asia's fastest-growing...
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AI Replacing Teachers Will Have Dire Consequences

As technology is taking giant leaps and bounds, artificial intelligence is sweeping aside old notions of education and human tutors are expected to be sidelined soon. There are many...



COVID-19 Is Accelerating Fintech Evolution

Photo by Edi Kurniawan on Unsplash
The shock wave of the coronavirus is driving technological adoption in unanticipated ways around the globe, transforming societies and economies at a...

Is Facebook Stock Still a Buy After the Advertising Boycott?

Facebook. Photo credit: Stock Catalog.
The advertising boycott on Facebook has resulted in a 12% dive in the stock price since Friday. A couple...

What’s Direction Of Global Mortgage Brokers Industry?

Deloitte building in USA. (Photo credit: Dylan)
Since the first quarter of 2015, the global House Price Index has been on the rise, according to figures by Deloitte. Particularly,...

Is Peer-To-Peer Lending Platforms Industry Ready to Disrupt Global Finance?

European Banking Authority. Photo credit: EBA
Gone are the days when the word ‘loan’ existed only in the dictionary of banks and shylocks. Today, technology is revolutionizing global...

Take a Selfie and Open a Bank Account in El Salvador

Banco Agrícola, a leading bank in El Salvador, recently launched "Cuenta Fácil", the first 100% digital product that allows the complete opening...



Microsoft (Bing Maps) shipping container. It has about five petabytes of storage. The Bing Map team processes its maps and redistributes them to other datacenters using this datacenter. Photo credit: Robert Scoble.

What’s Ahead for Data Processing, Hosting Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) may have popularized big data but applications like the internet of things (IoT) are taking it to the next level. The need to analyze large datasets to come up...
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Venture Investments in Space Industry Drop Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a considerable decrease in cash flow for the space industry but a sustained upward trend in interest heralds strong public-private partnerships in the remainder of the year,...
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Global Esports Market to Generate $973.9 Million in 2020

As physical sports were grounded by the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, esports not only continued to thrive but also found new fans along the way. Multiple industry reports...
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78% of Startups Globally Plan to Hire by Year-End

Seventy-eight percent of startups plan to hire new staff before the end of the year despite being caught in mid-air by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent survey by the world's...
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7 Consumer Behavior Trends Emerging From COVID-19

With the economy expected to remain on rocky footing potentially beyond 2020 and COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns ebbing and flowing on a rolling basis, new trends in consumer sentiment and behaviors are...