SANTO DOMINGO (Dominican Republic) – Rafael Trujillo was a U.S. Marine in 1918 who reached the position of commander in chief of the National Army by 1927. General Rafael Trujillo became president of the Dominican Republic in 1930 and was successful in reducing foreign debt and nurturing economic prosperity. Trujillo was also known for his atrocious human rights abuses which included the murder of thousands of civilians. The most notable of those abuses was the reported massacre of an estimated 20,000 Haitians. In 1961, Trujillo was killed by a group of rebels in a coup.

Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo is named after his deceased uncle, Rafael Trujillo´s eldest son who died in Spain in a car accident.

Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Martínez, better known as Ramfis Trujillo Martínez, was the son of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic. Ramfis briefly held power, after his father’s assassination in 1961.

Today, sixty-six years have passed since his assassination, the Dominican Newspaper El Caribe reports that the presidential candidate for the Frente Nacionalista Opositor (FRENO), Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo, presented on Tuesday three projects with which he is “trying to increase his followers with a view of winning the next 2020 elections.”

Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo. Photo by: courtesy Ramfis Trujillo.
Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo. Photo by: courtesy Ramfis Trujillo.

Dominguez Trujillo explained that with the objective of taking advantage of the technologic innovations of the last years he has placed at the disposition of the population his business Whatsapp by which he will “communicate the daily evolution of his campaign.”

The politician assured that through his “Whatsapp with Ramfis”, the community, in general, will interact directly with him. And he added that “They will be able to express to me their concerns about the nation and provide suggestions so that I may take them into account on assuming my administration”.

Trujillo also promised to travel throughout the country to get more supporters and have a closer contact with the population of the interior through the “A coffee with Ramfis” program. “I will go through the 158 municipalities in the country to have a coffee in each one, wherein our talks we will present the solutions to develop the nation,” he said.

Also, the presidential candidate for FRENO announced that he will create a political reality web page called “Following Ramfis”, in which his followers through social networks can be aware of his daily activities without cuts, “without making up the facts, breaking with the images created by the stifled traditional politicians.”

Ramfis Trujillo launched his presidential aspirations last year with promises to “restart” the country to face the corruption, the insecurity, to return the “glory” to the Armed Forces, and rescue the nation from the “Haitian invasion”.

PDI: We have polls in which Ramfis Trujillo surpasses 60% of the preferential votes for the 2020 elections

Dominican newspaper, Hoy, reports that the Partido Demócrata Institucional (PDI) rejected the results of the VALGASA poll which assigned “10% of the national preference to its presidential candidate Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo.”
“Our political organization is in possession of preferential polls where the presidential candidate for the PDI rises beyond the 60% level of voters´ preference in the 2020 elections.”

Dr. Ismael Reyes, Director of the “Ramfis for president 2020” campaign stated that: “The numbers that we handle are totally divorced from the reality that that poll investigator, Valgasa, wants to portray. The truth is that Ramfis is the only presidential candidate poised to win the presidency in all venues.”

The President of the PDI also stated that “In the past, electoral polling was carried out in the desks of the presidential candidates, that is why no one has believed in the results that Latin Insights, Asisa, and now Valgasa have announced during the last few weeks, and it is due to the social media which allow people to immediately check the truth of the electoral polls,” Ismael Reyes concluded.

Finally, the campaign manager said that: “Ramfismania” has achieved such strength that in all the polls carried out in radio and TV programs Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo wins with a wide margin regarding the other competitors. if the election were carried out today Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo would win in the first round.”


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