Luis Caixado founded JustEnjoy, a startup looking to deliver memorable moments for families during their holidays. Today, he’s focused on teaching and helping young entrepreneurs to become a better version of themselves.

We met with Luis at Web Summit to understand what is being done for young entrepreneurs in Portugal.

Miguel Salvado: We have a lot of entrepreneurs in Portugal. Do you have a good piece of advice you would like to share with young entrepreneurs?

Luís Caixado: My advice is to take risks. Produce new ideas, bad ideas, changing ideas. If it’s a bad idea, don’t keep it for more than six months. Just do it, don’t procrastinate. Make a lot of questions to everybody. Ask potential customers if they’ll use the product or not. Apply to entrepreneurship programs.

Luis Caixado, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at GesEntrepreneur. Photo by Via News.
Luis Caixado, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at GesEntrepreneur. Photo by Via News.

I know you have a couple of projects on your hands. What are those projects about?

Last time we met here, I was with my startup. Today, I’m working with a new company called Gesentrepreneur. We work with youth and entrepreneurship, It’s an amazing company in Portugal created by Francisco Banha. We also we have a project with the Portuguese startups related with tourism

Web Summit for more 10 years. Could you comment on that?

Last time we speak we were hoping for three years and now we’re very happy that we now have 10.

This year, what are you are looking for here at Web Summit?

We’re looking for partners. This year, we are trying to contact the partners who could help demonstrate to the young ones how successful careers they could have if they become entrepreneurs. So I’m looking for partners, especially the Portuguese unicorns to show to the young ones good influences right from the start.