Journalist FAQ

Work for ViaNews

  • What jobs are available and what are the early stage conditions?

We’re looking for freelance journalists. Details can be found on our Work with us page.

  • Editorial guidelines?

Editorial Guidelines.

  • ViaNews editorial Team?

Visit our Editorial Team page.

  • How to contact ViaNews?

Visit our Contact us page.


  • What kind of reports are you looking for?

The short answer is everything.
The long answer is we rather having you report about a topic close to your city/country/region and within your area of expertise.
We’re looking for reports that explain a situation with facts, not just report the facts. For instance, it’s better to write a story explaining why the budget for culture is so low in a country, or what are local businesses doing to tackle a crisis in your city. Worse would be merely reporting about election results or unemployment rate.

  • I’ve been told by ViaNews staff that I should aim for stories that have not been covered by the English-language publications. Is it OK if there is some overlap – say, the theme might be globally known, but my news stories give another angle, for example?

Yes, if you find a fresh perspective or add entirely new information, that would be perfect too.

  • Should I pitch news story ideas to your first, or should I just write a news story and send it to you?

In the beginning, you need to tell me what you’ll be writing about. One sentence about it will suffice.

  • Do you accept opinion reports?

Yes, we accept opinion reports. We don’t pay for opinion reports unless you’re a public expert on the issue you’re reporting about.

  • in the future, if my stories live up to your standards, do you plan to seek a greater number of stories per week or pay more?

We’re not looking for quantity of reports but for well researched and fact-checked reports. This is to become an ongoing project. If your reports are popular, we’ll pay more and accept more of your work.

About the journalist

  • Can I get access to the email provided on the author about section of my posted articles?

The email is there for complaints and legal issues only, and you don’t have direct access to it. Any emails sent there, which are not related to complaints and legal issues, will be forward back to you.

  • Can I repost my ViaNews article in other publications?

All your work published on ViaNews needs to be original. You cannot repost it anywhere else until 60 days have passed from the ViaNews article publish date.

  • What rights do I own for the published material in ViaNews?

Every journalists’ posts are owned by ViaNews and you concede us the right to publish your work in any language and in any part of the world. We’re also obliged to attribute authorship to all our journalist’s reports at all times and on every distribution form.


We always reveal the real name of the Journalist and every facts or information must be accountable.

Having said this and in the very special cases where the source may be in danger for revealing the information to ViaNews, we have a suitable policy

We never reveal a source in danger. Every data related to the source is kept behind an encrypted server with a firewall and we never reveal it to anyone by any means. We never reveal sensitive information to any country authorities, corporation, or person. The only exception to this is if we face a Portuguese court order.