CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) – From Miami, through her own YouTube channel, three hours after the attack, Venezuelan journalist Patricia Poleo said that militaries from Fenix Group had claimed the authorship of the drone attack, and read a press release from them. Fenix Group also carried an action in 2017 by flying a full-size helicopter to the TSJ (Supreme Court) shooting and dropping grenades against the people in the premises.

The statement declares that the assassination attempt was to “enforce the constitution.”

Even though the announcement isn’t expressing any political affiliation, there is a remark against the alleged government efforts to force “communism” ideals in the Venezuelan education system.

Finally, they urge Venezuelans to “take to the streets” so to force the installation of a “transition government.”

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English translation of the ‘Operación Fénix’ statement

“People of Venezuela: The Bolivarian National Armed Force has the function of guaranteeing the independence, the sovereignty of the nation, the integrity of the territory, and internal public order. In the fulfillment of that sacred function, the officers, NCOs, classes, and active soldiers or active reserve are willing to offer their lives, thus fulfilling the sacred oath.

Discipline, obedience, and subordination are absolutely subordinated to the loyalty to the fatherland, the legacy of the liberators, and the Constitution of the Republic.

The armed force is Bolivarian because it follows the historical example of our liberator, Simón Bolívar, and not because it is subject to any political bias or person who abrogates the Bolivarian condition for subaltern and contrary to the constitution.

For the Bolivarian national armed forces, Venezuela is irrevocably free and independent, it does not accept subordination to any country or foreign power.

We ratify that the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is and will always be democratic, participatory, elective, decentralized, alternative responsible, pluralist, and revocable mandates. We assume the unbreakable will to enforce the constitution as the supreme norm and foundation of the legal system. All persons and bodies exercising public power are subject to our constitution, both the President of the Republic, the National Assembly, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Republican Moral Counsel, and the electoral power.

Noting that many of these organs of the state have ignored the content of the constitution and failed to observe its rules, both in regard to the operation of public power, and respect for the rights
of the Venezuelans, the Bolivarian national armed force, in the exercise of the rule contained in article 333 of the constitution, has decided to re-establish its effective validity and prevent it from being repealed by means other than those that it expressly consecrates.

The objectives we pursue are the return to peace, prosperity, and progress. If the purpose of a government is to achieve the greatest amount of happiness possible, we can not tolerate that the population suffers hunger, that the sick do not have medicine, that the currency has no value, that the education system neither educates nor teaches only indoctrinating communism, that personal security is a distant memory, that human rights continue to be violated, that the state structure is used for drug trafficking operations and international terrorism, that impunity reigns over justice, that the popular will won’t be respected, that millions of Venezuelans have been forced to leave the country, in short, that the people in the country continue to be captured.

It is against the military honor to maintain in the government those who not only have forgotten the Constitution but who have made the public function an obscene way of enriching and debasing themselves.

To achieve this aspiration, we announce that our military actions are aimed at respect for popular sovereignty embodied in the national assembly, the breaking of any relationship of dependence and submission to a foreign government, and the call in the shortest possible time to a true and free election, in which the people of Venezuela can express their will and it is recognized and respected, in short, the immediate restoration of the constitutional order.

We execute actions protected in our national constitution, specifically in its articles 1, 2, 5, 19, 23, 328, 333, and 350.

People of Venezuela: in order to successfully complete this emancipatory struggle it is necessary that we all go out into the streets, without return, supporting our constitutional military and civilian political leaders, for the taking and consolidation of power, towards the formation of a transition government.”


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