Aaron Bates playing for Team Puerto Rico hitting against the Dominican Republic at 2013 Serie del Caribe. Photo by: TooMuchInfo24.

An Example of How Politics and Sports Mutually Affect Each Other

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (ViaNews) – The “Caribbean Series” (possibly a reference to the World Series) is an annual event that connects the winners of the national tournaments of the countries in the “Caribbean Professional Baseball Conference (CBPC)”: Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. Cuba as a guest country, and Colombia, Nicaragua, and…

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United States President, Barack Obama, casts his ballot in the 2012 U.S. election at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by: Pete Souza.

Electronic Voting Machines Face Challenges in Many Parts of the World

The age of technological revolution is often being referred to as the “post-modern” era. This is an era where everything that is digitalized and technologically tagged is easily accepted and appreciated everywhere. This is the reason why the electronic voting or e-voting, including electronic voting machines (EVMs), was once expected to become the globally accepted…

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Venezuelan President, Maduro, with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, during his state visit to China. Photo by: @PresidencialVen / Twitter.

Gauging Venezuela’s Real Economy After Maduro’s Recovery Plan and Talks With China, US

Caracas, Venezuela (ViaNews) – Starting in August, the Venezuelan economy was in such difficult situation that its bank notes were illegally exported to Colombia, where they were reportedly bought by four times its face value. With these bank notes, Colombians were able to buy Venezuelan gasoline and other goods, much cheaper than their own. Hence,…

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Venezuela Culture Minister, Ernesto Villegas, with JV Rangel. Photo by: Courtesy José Vicente Rangel.

White House Leaks Reportedly Show Venezuela has Been Under Trump´s Crosshairs

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) – Recent leaks were published on the September 8 edition of the New York Times regarding Trump´s administration supporting the military coup against Nicolas Maduro´s government. The paper assured “several meetings” took place in Europe (starting in fall 2017) between Venezuelan ex-military commanders and U.S. diplomats willing to oust President Maduro. “Stay…

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Statement by "Operacion Fenix" hours after the Venezuelan drone attack.

“Operación Fénix” Claims Responsibility for Venezuelan Drone Attack – Read the Full Statement

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) – From Miami, through her own YouTube channel, three hours after the attack, Venezuelan journalist Patricia Poleo said that militaries from Fenix Group had claimed the authorship of the drone attack, and read a press release from them. Fenix Group also carried an action in 2017 by flying a full-size helicopter to…

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