AI’s Short-Term Economic Impact By Prof. Ramesh Srinivasan

Ramesh Srinivasan, Professor & Author at ULCA, talks about his experience at the Web Summit, technologies being good for businesses, the future of AI, relevance of their personal data, identifying jobs of the future through AI, future of work, collapse of technologies, asking 3 main questions, entrepreneurship in Africa, advantages of having great policies, the…

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Plan International Filipino activist, Louisa (in brown) planting mangrove seedlings on a beach to disaster-proof her communities. Photo by: courtesy Plan International.

The World Needs to Acknowledge that Climate Change is a Feminist Issue

LONDON (ViaNews) – With the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference approaching, it’s time to discuss the link between feminism and climate change. Studies have shown that climate change doesn’t have gender-neutral effects; women and girls are affected far more. This has provided a new mission for organisations all over the world to tackle the ever-growing…

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