The accusations against the popular American R&B singer took a more dramatic turn as the most recent accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, claims she can provide a footage of their sexual bout.
Allegations about Usher and herpes came to lime light in the leaked documents published by the gossip site Radar Online.

Quantisia Sharpton Press Conference
Quantisia Sharpton Press Conference

The document exposes the lawsuit allegedly filed several years ago by a woman identified only as “a celebrity stylist”. The woman claims she contracted herpes from the singer even though he had assured her he had no infections.

According to her suit, Usher’s doctor revealed to her that the singer was diagnosed with herpes around late 2009 or early 2010. The case was later settled in 2012 for a total of $1.1 million and the singer paid off some of the woman’s medical expenses. The singer did not deny or accept Radar Online’s story.

The report by Radar Online evidently alarmed more persons with claims of sexual encounter with Usher recently. The first allegation was reported by TMZ as a $10 million lawsuit from an anonymous woman who claims her and the singer had several sexual relationships, most of them unprotected on two occasions in April 2017. In her lawsuit, the woman claimed that she would have not consented to sex if she had any knowledge of alleged Usher’s herpes status. When the case was initially reported, the woman was not aware of her herpes status but after testing positive for the virus, she increased her claim to $20 million.
The claims about Usher’s spread of the deadly virus herpes escalated when a celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom announced a lawsuit on behalf of three new clients who say they had sexual contact with Usher.

One of her clients is 21-year-old Quantisia Sharpton, who claims she met Usher at a concert she attended for her 19th birthday. Sharpton said although she had a sexual encounter with the singer, she tested negative for herpes, but that she should never have consented to have sex with an infected partner.
“I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease, my health is very important to me,” Sharpton said at a press conference held by her and her lawyer.

Intentionally transmitting a communicable disease is a misdemeanor under State Law in California where the lawsuit will be filed. This law obliges a person who is infected with a communicable disease like herpes, to warn their prospective sexual partners or to abstain from sexual intercourse altogether. The lawyer representing Sharpton claims her other two clients, one woman, and one man, have opted to remain anonymous. According to her, one of them tested positive for herpes.

Herpes, an infection with a taboo status, is very common in the United States, about one in every six Americans between the ages of 14 to 49 carries the virus according to the CDC.

Reports reaching us today claims that Quantasia Sharpton, one of the prominent accusers of Usher, claimed during an interview with YouTube Vlogger Jacob Kohinoor that she has a video proof of how the hookup occurred.

She claimed, according to Kohinoor that she had filmed her sexual encounter with the singer and that he was aware that the camera was on him through the session.

Also, the YouTube star reported that Sharpton claimed that the security cameras inside the Atlantic City, NJ “Days Inn”. where she and Usher meet caught the singer in the hotel lobby.

Sharpton and her lawyer intend to subpoena the hotel’s footage as further evidence to her case.
Adding to the claims about Usher’s location, alleged eye witness has placed Usher at the vacation dwelling, according to TMZ.

A former “Days Inn” employee previously told the publication that she spotted the award winning recording artist in the hotel lobby. She claimed the singer had met Sharpton in the hotel lobby and followed her up to her room just after midnight.

According to Sharpton’s lawyer bloom. “Raymond was a revered celebrity in their eyes who they believed could be loved and trusted,” the lawsuit says that “ Each plaintiff realizes that his or her consent was obtained under false pretenses and/or by Raymond’s lie and by omission, causing the severe emotional distress”
The lawyers firm did not immediately respond to New York’s daily news request for comment.

It is been rumored that another lawsuit regarding the popular singer’s health is heading his way. In all this drama, Usher’s wife seems not be touched and has not reacted in any way to the accusations.


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