Girl with smartphone. Photo by: Susanne Nilsson.

Manufacturers Turn to Artificial intelligence to Counter Smartphone Saturation

Smartphone saturation is one of the biggest headwind facing handset manufacturers around the world. Simply put, everyone who wants a smartphone has one. For that reason, manufacturers must differentiate their products and give consumers a reason to invest in new smartphones. increasedSmartphone saturation is one of the biggest headwind facing handset manufacturers around the world….

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Claire Mongeau is the founder and CEO of the EdTech startup M-Shule. Photo by: M-Shule Communications team.

Every Child Deserves an Opportunity to Succeed: M-Shule CEO, Claire Mongeau, Explains

NAIROBI, Kenya (ViaNews) – M-Shule is the first adaptive mobile learning platform in Africa. M-Shule means ‘Mobile School’ in English. The organization, based in Nairobi (Kenya), has won several top awards and gained recognition in the last two years for its drive to improve the level of education especially for primary school learners who come…

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WIki Loves Women Event Women In Social Services- Promoting SDG in Nigeria. Photo by Kaizenify.

Social Media is Transforming the Way Nigerians do Business

LAGOS, Nigeria (ViaNews) – Nigerians have gone full-on in what using social networks for business is about. Most businesses, entrepreneurs, and salesperson in the country are now using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, and YouTube to help create brand awareness, improve sales, and market their goods and services. 17 years of GSM technology in Nigeria The…

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From left to right: Rafael Campillo and Ramón from the Mobbeel team. Photo by: ViaNews.

Web Summit: Spanish Company Helps Your Business Cut Costs With Its Multibiometric Technology

LISBON (VIANews) – Right at the heart of the Web Summit, we met with Mobbeel, a company who develops cutting-edge multibiometric authentication, digital onboarding, and biometric signature solutions for digital environments. “The Cybersecurity industry is becoming crucial, taking into account that new sectors are emerging every day increasingly demanding technological solutions” Mobbeel’s CEO & Co-Founder,…

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