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New Investment Opportunities in ASEAN’s Healthcare Sector

The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged reforms in Southeast Asia’s healthcare sector, opening up new investment opportunities in different fields, according to a new analysis. The potential areas for investment include biotechnology, telehealth, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic medicine, wrote ASEAN Briefing, which covers business developments in countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Citing the World…

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9 New Automation Projects Focused on U.S. COVID-19 Recovery

Technology has played a critical role in helping us adapt to the maelstrom of disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the new realities of daily life. Amongst all technological innovations, automation has proved to be a major optimization lever reshaping industries across the globe. The trust of businesses in the power of automation is…

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João (Johnny) Cartucho, Covidian team member and a Ph.D. researcher in augmented reality with Airbus (Photo credit: Covidian)

Virus Tracker App Claims to Help Stall the Spread of COVID-19

A group of volunteers in Ireland, Slovakia, Portugal, and Brazil have joined hands with medical experts to create a “user privacy-respecting” application to help stem the tide of the coronavirus. The team behind the free app—which is called “Covidian” and was first launched in Slovakia—says it has helped the country’s Health Ministry flatten the curve…

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Amir Bozorgzadeh, CEO and co-founder of Virtuleap, presenting at IIeX Eu 2019 at Amsterdam's Beurs van Berlage. (Photo credit: Virtuleap)

VR Telehealth Solutions to Boom in Post-Coronavirus World: Virtuleap’s CEO

As coronavirus ripped unabated through the globe, shutdowns, travel restrictions, and social distancing led to a sharp uptick in virtual reality solutions. People kept at home by quarantine suddenly found themselves immersed in a world where they could take a virtual tour of tourist destinations, art galleries, museums, shopping centers, and even the house they…

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Obese Indian Couple.

World Obesity Day: Indian Puzzle

New Delhi, India (VIAnews) – “The frustrating thing about India is that whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true.” Wise words by Cambridge economist Joan Robinson still holds germane to Indian society. Though the first reaction would be to attribute this quote with rising economic inequality, it is true in…

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