Academic Expert Uncovers Challenges in Online Education

Jesper Taekke, PHD, Prof. School of Communication & Culture for Internet Research at Aarhus University, Denmark, talks with us about the challenges faced by students during the pandemic, teaching online during the COVID-19 lockdown was shock therapy, for researchers, teaching exclusively online was never a possibility, teachers and students did not know how to go…

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Empty Education. Caracas Central University. Photo by: Waraira repano & Guaicai puro.

Venezuela’s Hidden Crisis: Basic Education

MARACAIBO, Venezuela (ViaNews) – The sufferings of Venezuelan economy are hardly unknown these days. Inflation over 10,000 %, massive scarcity of basic products, an insignificant salary, rising dollar black market, cash almost inexistent, and so on. These issues are not isolated in the void. They bring deep social hardships. The critical impoverishment of many Venezuelans…

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Sutton Grammar School. Lower school pupils. Photo by: Grempletonian.

Britain’s Grammar Schools Exclude Struggling Students to Maintain Their League Table Position

London, UK (ViaNews) – Highly selective schools are failing to take responsibility when pupils fail to meet their potential by excluding them from A level courses. Some of Britain’s Grammar Schools are coming under fire for removing pupils from exam studies when their progress indicates that they may not attain grades considered appropriate for a…

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Uruguay: Self-sustainable school.

A Model to follow: First Self-Sustainable School of Latin America

Montevideo, Uruguay (VIAnews) – What if someone had already figured out a way of building completely self-sufficient houses? Apparently, someone already did. Michael Reynolds is a 72-year-old architect who grew up in Kentucky, USA. He has written several books on sustainable housing, founded the world-class Sustainable Buildings company “Earthship Biotecture”, and is the drafter of…

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Boys British School, Saffron Walden Independent Schools Association, Boys’ British School, East Street, Saffron Walden, Essex. Photo by: Janine forbes.

OFSTED Chief Promotes ‘British Values’ in Schools to Help Fight Extremism

London, UK (VIAnews) – OFSTED chief Amanda Spielman feels that schools are paying lip service to the teaching of British values, rather than making sufficient commitment to inculcate these beliefs into young people. British ‘values’ of religious tolerance, democracy, individuality and the rule of law have to be explicitly taught in the school curriculum. Speaking…

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